Episode 108

The Power of Social Media

So many people complain that everyone and their grandmother is now building relationships on social media.

Real life friends have become a thing of the past, they say. And online friends are just not the same.

Not so, my friends. These two real life grandmothers whole heartily disagree!

Candy and I have become friends via social media and found a kinship during our interview which surprised both of us a little.

It was almost like we found our twin – living on opposite sides of the earth. Candy lives in Australia and I in California.Australia

But then again, we both are Geminis – do I need to say more!

Just one more thought on social media. When I was young, it was common to have a pen pal.

Often, and we have seen great examples in literature of this, pen pals never met in person but shared their intimate thoughts and feelings with each other.

These friendships were frequently deeper and more truthful than the relationships with people physically close.

Today, some of the social media friendships have the same depth and importance as the pen pal relationships of old.


Meet Candy

Meet Candida van Rood aka Candy Spender. She is the woman who, in her own words, enjoys amazing health at the 66 years of age.

Candy Spender

Candy is a woman who wears many hats. Mother, grandmother, and dancer. Artist, Astrologer and Tarot card reader. Lately, add transplant to the country and aspiring Permaculturist to that mix. And did we mention Meditation teacher?

No wonder that Candida is in amazing health. She started meditating when she was 16 and has practiced meditation in one form or another ever since. That is almost 50 years of meditation practice!!

view of the meditation garden

When her son was little, Candida found it hard to find the time and quiet space to keep up with a regular meditation practice. Anyone with a baby or toddler can relate!

Because of this break from her regular practice, she can say with authority that her life is different with meditation in it. She said,

“The difference between a meditator and a nonmeditator is space in the mind. The meditator does not react but responds. And that is a huge difference!”

Wisdom of a Teacher

One of Candy’s spiritual teachers said the following (paraphrased).

[clickToTweet tweet=”The whole world could change in a split second if we suddenly could fall in love with ourselves. #podcast” quote=”The whole world could change in a split second if we suddenly could fall in love with ourselves.” theme=”style1″]

Think about this. Breathe it in!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Isn’t it true that so many of us do treat ourselves so much more poorly than we would treat anybody else?” quote=”Isn’t it true that so many of us do treat ourselves so much more poorly than we would treat anybody else?”]

Along the same lines, we discussed that fear of others – maybe others finding out about our doubts about ourselves – is a major cause of so many problems in this world.

We both work in our ways to contribute to a positive solution.

Candida offers meditation classes and so much more. You can reach her here.

Another Factor Contributing to Candy’s Amazing Health.

Amazing health is what we all want, right? Here are some more life style factors which might contribute to Candida’s well being.

A close relation ship with her family. In fact, Candy made the move from the city to the countryside to be closer to her family and to be part of her grandson’s life.

Candy's sonCandy and grandson

Candida moves her body every day. She is a dancer, practices Yoga and enjoys a swim in the beautiful ocean.

swimming in the oceanpainting of ocean

Candy expresses her creativity in the many beautiful things she creates. Her studio is the place where a creative mess and chaos is welcome, allowing her to be free and her art to flow.

Candy's art studioA necklace Candy createdflowers on fabric

A garden produces beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables and Candy now has a 1/4 acre of land to turn into her own Sanctuary. The benefits of gardening and being in nature are well documented.

garden harvestgarden with edible greensGarden arch

If you listen closely to our conversation, you can hear the birds singing outside her window!!


There is no doubt in my mind that all these activities contribute to Candy’s ability to say that she is 66 and in amazing health.


To find out more about Candida van Rood aka Candy Spender

Candy Spender Jewels

Heart Centered Transformation


We mentioned several books. Here are their Amazon Links for your convenience (affiliate).

The Great Escape  Candy told us that her father, a prisoner of war, tried to escape 30 times. He was part of the Great Escape.

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