Episode 141

Baby Led Weaning

Emily Gerde jumps into a quick podcast to share her insights on Baby Led Weaning. In a nutshell, baby led weaning is when you start your child on real foods first and you skip the purees.

Baby led weaningEvery child is different and has different needs so Emily also gives ideas for those who want to start with purees first. She discusses extended breastfeeding, best practices for starting baby on foods, when to start, and ways to keep baby safe and healthy. 

Whether you have an infant at home or have a friend or family member with a little one, Emily provides insight on the years of research and professional advice given to her by holistic healers and doctors. Baby led weaning is a great way to ensure your child starts their food journey on a positive note and has a lifelong love of healthy eating.


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Marianne West shares her experience of introducing food to her three children. Those of you with more than one child know that things become a lot more relaxed with each child.

With her first son, she was ready for him to eat when he turned 6 months but he showed no interest in food. He was above average on the weight chart and it was clear that he was doing just fine on breast milk only.

baby led weaning

Marianne and Her First Son

However, like so many first time parents, she was intent on feeding him baby food and even started him out with yogurt – in her mind a fantastic baby food. Little did she know that her son was allergic to dairy and his many ear infections were a direct result of that.

With her second child, she realized that it is much easier to only breastfeed for the first year and fully wanted to that. The benefits of having food ready at all times without having to deal with dirty dishes, cooling or warming food were a huge selling point on breast milk only.

However, her daughter had a different idea and started eating her brother’s leftovers as soon as she was old enough to go places on her own. She was an early crawler and walker and she knew what she wanted – she still does.

All of Marianne’s children were allowed to wean themselves at their own pace and timeline.


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