Childbirth in the United States in 2015: A Discussion

October 12, 2015


Did you know that a baby born in the United States is nearly 3 times as likely to die during her first year of life as one born in Finland or Japan? Or that a woman giving birth in the United States is more likely to die than a woman who gives birth in China?

While this might be shocking news for most of us, it’s a sad fact that Cheryl Vaught of the Facebook Community, Ask A Midwife, is committed to changing.

A couple of weeks ago, Marianne and I had a fascinating discussion with Cheryl, a midwife and registered nurse who has her own unique perspective on the birth process.

Cheryl is an amazing soul who approaches everything in life from a heart-centered place. I’m fortunate to call her my friend from way back to my days as a La Leche League Leader. In fact, Cheryl assisted with the home birth of my son Tyler 22 years ago.

We had planned to record the interview and post it as a podcast, but technical difficulties prevented us.  However, we do hope to get Cheryl back in the future for an in-depth interview.

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