As many of you know, I have been quite active on the social media platforms associated with the Steem Blockchain.h

Videos are something I always liked but I am not professional at all. For me, it is much more about sharing what is going on in the garden or, for that matter, in life.

 I made a short little video talking about my intentions for the blog and also, sharing some of my struggles with technology.

As I was working on uploading my video, this one popped up.

I loved the spirit of the people and also how they are living their lives. He is showing us tools he made, his growing system and such. She is talking about preserving, having birds for insect control and so much more.

It really spoke to me since so many popular videos are full of brand-new and expensive equipment or tons of use of non renewable resources.

To live a sustainable live, we have to learn to use what we have on hand. It saves money and resources and helps to keep things out of the landfill.

Have you made a tool out of something you already had at home? Have you canned something? Let me know in the comments.

Why Colleen Zahradnicek Decided to Run For Office

by Emily Gerde

I had a wonderful conversation with Colleen Zahradnicek. Colleen has lived in Denver for 30 plus years, moving here as a child in 1984.  Her parents moved here from northern Wisconsin for a better quality of life, and Colleen and her husband are raising their daughter here for the same reason. Continue reading

May is Radical Self-Care Month!

Did you know that this month is radical self-care month? No? Don’t worry. You couldn’t know that since I just declared it as such!

I declared it for me. But I want to invite you to come along with me on this journey of taking care of myself. The older I get, the more I see that to truly live a sustainable lifestyle, self-care needs to be a huge part of it!

So many women – and yes, I am going to call out and call on women right now – do not take care of themselves!!!

By that, I don’t mean that they don’t comb their hair or wash their faces. No. Most of us do that part pretty well. Even painting our nails and wearing presentable clothing. That is not necessarily what I am talking about.

Self-care goes way deeper than that.

But we could start at clothing to get my point across. Here are some of the attributes we might look for in our clothes.

  • They are clean.
  • They are made of good fabric.
  • They are appropriate for the office.
  • They are cheap or affordable for our pocketbook.
  • They are in fashion.
  • They aren’t worn out.
  • They get compliments from others.

Do you have clothing which fits the above description? How many of those pieces of clothing make your heart sing when you wear them?

When you buy or make clothes, do you only consider items that feel right on your body and please you? Or are you thinking of the points listed above?

Isn’t it self-care, to take care of ourselves, to only dress in clothing we love – no matter what anyone else thinks?

How often do we do that? And do we even know what we really love?

This question can be applied to all different areas of our lives. So many of us have lost the ability to even know what we need, what we want, and if we do, how to make ourselves a priority.

My declaration is that May is Radical Self-Care month and I invite you all to share what that means to you.

Let me know in the comments if you will take the challenge and if you are on Instagram, Facebook or Steemit – share with us which area of your life you want to examine this month and figure out how to apply radical self-care to it.


Here are some more thoughts around this theme.

Thoughts on Feminism

Reusable Utensils

Schlepping reusable utensils around takes too much effort!!

That is what lots of people say. Or if they don’t say it, at least they think it. I don’t even know how many straws, disposable forks and knives, spoons and paper napkins end up in the landfill every single day.

Add coffee cups and lids and we have a mountain of trash produced every day of the year.

Does it have to be that way?

We at The Sustainable Living Podcast don’t think so. In fact, our Sustainable Travel expert Pia thinks that is a problem which can be solved very easily!

Use Reusable Utensils and cups!

But, you say, I don’t want to carry a huge bag with me where ever I go. I like stylish, small bags!

We understand!

Pia is showing you that you don’t need to carry a huge bag with you to be able to bring your own reusable utensils. On the contrary. Check out the size of her bag in the video.

We all can agree that cannot be called a huge bag.

The Content of the Bag

  • a 16 oz mason jar with a lid
  • a reusable handkerchief
  • a pair of chopsticks
  • a spork – one end is a spoon, the other a fork
  • a wallet bought at a thrift store

Mason Jar with a Lid

We all know that change takes time and sometimes, all we can do is tackle one item. If that is you, chose the mason jar to become your constant companion. Here is why.

  • bring water from home in your jar – no more plastic water bottles
  • if you buy a drink to go at a convenient store, either drink the water or use it to water a plant and use your jar instead of a disposable cup
  • the same is true if a coffee shop does not offer washable cups – ask the barista to fill your mason jar instead of the plastic lined disposable option
  • at an office party or a get together in the park – you know what to do! The mason jar holds hot and cold drinks equally well.

It is a glass jar and for some people, that is a concern.It is very durable glass and it takes quite an impact for the jar to break. If that is a concern, either wrap your jar into a cloth napkin or carry it in a little bag. If it breaks, the glass will be contained in the wrap.

Men don’t usually carry purses but a backpack or messenger bag fulfills the same purpose.

Enjoy the video.

Find Pia’s first segment on sustainable travel here.

Two New Voices on the Podcast


It All Began With a Seed

This story of the gourd begins with my love for seeds and for growing things I have never seen before.

That can be a good thing, or not.

One problem of planting a bunch of seeds of varieties unknown to mankind – I mean to this woman – is that she can’t tell if its a weed or if its a plant.

Or which of the many things planted actually came up.

These are the seeds which got it all started.


How they came to me, I don’t really remember. Maybe I bought a seed pack. Or I picked some up at a seed swap. Or someone just gave me some. All of those are frequent events in my life.

To tell you the truth, the seeds you see in the pictures and the ones I used to grow this plant came from a gourd I grew last year and smashed up to get the seeds.

And this is what grew from these seeds.

The Plant

guard plant

Well, this one is obviously a cucurbit. When I first grew it, I told everyone who asked that it was a snake gourd.

And many asked since the fruit grows very long – several feet – and I had them hanging all over the place.

But when I checked in with my friend google, what I found there does not look at all like what I was growing. See for yourself

Snake Gourd on Wikipedia

This is what the flower of my gourd looks like.


It is a white flower and blooms mostly at night. When I first started growing them, I saw so many flowers developing and got excited about a huge harvest.

Only, not even one flower set fruit!!

Talk about being disappointed! I figured that my night flower just didn’t have the right pollinator around and that it needed help. Good thing that I had plenty of cheap paintbrushes laying around. I stored one in each area a squash was growing.

gourd flower pollination

Then, at dusk or in the morning, I went to work as a bee or moth or whoever is supposed to do the pollinating job.

It only works if at least two flowers are open. Then a quick dip in the middle of the flower to collect some pollen and from flower to flower I go.




Success!!!  We got a baby!!!

Success, we got a baby!!

baby squash

And the baby grew.

squash or gourd

This is a good size to harvest the gourd. The first picture is as big as you want it to grow to be good to eat. If they get bigger, the get hollow and the flesh gets tough.

The plant is a vigorous grower and has no problem to climb into trees or to spread out all over.

Squash vine

The finished length of the gourds I harvested last year was between 3 and 4 ft. They stayed the light green color you see in the very first plant picture for the longest time and later turned a light brown.

I was going to make instruments from them. The seeds were rattling inside and they sounded a bit like a rainstick.  But I neglected to wash them with peroxide upon harvesting and store them on a rack without touching each other until completely dried. They all got some kind of fungus which made them look ugly. That is when I learned what I should have done.

Oh well. I got a lot of seeds instead.

But, I have no idea what seeds I have. They are the babies of a nameless plant. Snake gourd or serpentine gourd is out (and that was such a cool name!)

The wikipedia picture of the squash shows a dark green colored fruit, a different flower, and tells of a different taste.

Whatever I have, it is delicious when eaten young and it is impressive when grown to maturity.

And that is good enough for me.


Steemit really doesn’t have anything to do with a garden or squashes or guards per see. But I published this same content on the platform this morning and got lucky. I made over $73.00 so far. This is earned in cryptocurrency.

Here is a link to the post


I am new to the concept of cryptocurrency but I am hearing more and more about it – even in mainstream media.  Actually, I am trying to get a person to come on the podcast and explain it to us all.

In the meantime, why don’t you join Jenise and me on Steemit. It is a social media platform which pays to post and to have fun.

A 30 Day Challenge to You All

30 Days? Why have a 30 day challenge? Glad you asked. Lots people say that it takes at least 21 days of doing a behavior consistently to become a routine. Well, maybe and maybe not.

I am glad you asked. Lots of people say that it takes at least 21 days of doing a behavior consistently to become a routine. Well, maybe and maybe not.

Continue reading

Guest Blog by Amy Oestreicher

Not Waiting for Life: How I Learned to Love My Detour

I’m the youngest kid in my family, and I grew up pretty well. With two doting parents and three big brothers to overprotect me, I guess I was used to getting what I wanted.  And when I didn’t, I was used to whining about it, while my oldest brother belted out “You can’t always get what you want,” as he sang along to his Rolling Stones Album.  That made me cry harder – I hated waiting.  I still do. Continue reading

The First Contest

Our very first contest is made possible by one of our guests – Marissa Vicario. Jenise and Marissa discussed their paths to better health and found that both had made many changes in their lives to overcome many health problems.

Marissa is a firm believer that we need a holistic approach to heal our bodies or to keep ourselves healthy.

She wrote an award-winning bestseller Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion, and Self-Judgment .

And [clickToTweet tweet=”Win! Three copies of Marissa’s book in #contest. End 7/21. Hurry and enter. #book #win” quote=”she offered us three copies of her audiobook to give away to our listeners!”]

While we would love to give each and every one of you a copy, we can’t. But we can bring you a contest so three of you will be the lucky winners.

First Contest

How it Works

Easy. Find the bar on the top of the page that says Join the Sustainable Living Geeks. Fill in your name and email and press the button. Then, leave a comment below that you joined the tribe. Done! Your name will go into a hat.

“I already am subscribed,” you say. No problem. Find our latest email titled [clickToTweet tweet=”enter at our website and #win an #audiobook leading you to perfect #health” quote=”Announcing our First Contest”]

You might have to check your spam folder or your promotion tab. Open the email and hit reply. That’s it. Easy right?

For a bonus entry, tell a friend about our podcast and help them subscribe. Then, let us know.

End Date and Drawing of Winner

Our first contest ends on July 22, 2017, at midnight Pacific Time.

On the 23rd, in the afternoon, we will draw the winner. Join us for a Facebook live video on our page. If all goes well, we will also stream it in our Facebook group called Sustainable Living Tips, Tools & Tactics.  

By the way, you are invited to join the group anytime.

The Rules

Anybody may enter as long as you are of legal age in your place of residence and this kind of content is allowed. You must live in a country which allows electronic transmission of books. You provide the equipment to listen to the book. We are not responsible if the download does not work with your equipment.

And to make this completely legal. If you really don’t want to give us your email, just send us a message that you want to be entered….. but you are going to miss out on some awesome emails from us 🙂

Good Luck!!


Embracing Holistic Health

If you can’t wait to read or listen to the book, or if you are not one of the lucky winners, you can buy the book through our affiliate link at Amazon Your Holistically Hot Transformation.