Episode 142

Building a Tiny House

by Emily Gerde

Isabelle Nagel-Brice is a tiny house consultant, guiding people through the different phases of their builds.  She has put together The Healthy Tiny House Kit, which she offers to DIY and professional builders looking to build a chemical-free and healthy tiny home with continuous fresh air ventilation.

Isabelle has also created a website called A Tiny Good Thing, which will be a hub for tiny house building materials and practical goods inside and out. She is passionate about living simply and encouraging others to also have less of an environmental impact. building

A Tiny Good Thing will only offer products that she strongly believes in, either because she uses them herself daily, or has done her own extensive research and believes in representing them. A Tiny Good Thing focuses on brands that have integrity and offer a high level of functionality.

Emily’s interview with Isabelle dives into her experience building a tiny home and overcoming the obstacles of being a female in a male-dominated industry. She jumps into her inspiration for offering green building products for tiny homes specifically and why the wall and air systems are so important in tiny homes. Isabelle explains how air recovery ventilators are essential for tiny homes and how they work.

Isabelle building

I appreciate how she talked about the lifetime of a tiny house (any house for that matter) and that we need to be mindful of the materials going into a house, so when their lifespan is over, we can reuse or recycle those materials easily. Isabelle wishes there would have been an easy green kit when she was building her house. This is why she was inspired to make one, so people can spend less time trying to source green materials and more time building.

Isabelle had a few adjustments to her house if she did it again, including a deck. She also explains how at home she feels in her tiny house because it was custom built for her, so overall she is very happy with it. She recommends doing a lot of research and finding green products whenever possible when starting your tiny house design.  Isabelle building


Follow Isabelle on Instagram: @atinygoodthing where you can see her process of building her own tiny house and what  atinygoodthing.com has to offer. 

Living Big in a Tiny House video —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzVJ–gOPP8&t=2s

Also, check out atinygoodthing.com to see more blog posts.


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