Episode 132

Emily’s Update on Tiny Home Living and More

Marianne & I (Emily) had a great conversation where I update her on our exciting adventures since our last interview in episode 116. We start with my new book that is now out and available wherever books are sold. Minimalist Living For a Maximum Life is available on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Minimalist-Living-Maximum-Life-Simple/dp/1944833390, I am working on getting it as an audiobook and an online version. In the book, I share our journey to minimalist living and simplifying our lives. I also discuss ways to live a mindful, organic, holistic lifestyle that heals your mind body and soul. 

I share our new journey to Colorado from Minnesota and our vision of starting a tiny house community. We discuss my vision for a cooperative community that has larger lots, community gardens, playground, library, community space, etc. I discuss our vision to build beautiful communities close to the city to offer another option for affordable and sustainable housing. In the interview we discuss a non-profit community, which may or may not change as our discussions with the council members evolve, but we will continue our vision of a collaborative, intentional community.tiny hometiny home

For those interested in the tiny house life, we share the specifics of how to get your home, vehicles, and life moved to a spot where you can park your tiny home. We discuss ways to move your tiny house and some options available. We love our tiny house driver who is insured and experienced. You can contact  Steve at 507-456-0281.

I share how our vision has evolved not only for sustainability, but also a passion for affordable housing for all.  We discuss the current paradigm where the general public thinks we can just live in RV or mobile home parks and I discuss how that differs from the life many tiny home dwellers are looking for. We are noticing a shift in availability of tiny home spots in RV parks from several to very few spots for parking when they can make more money from season RV travelers. 

I bring up the amazing tiny home community that was started here in Denver that will be interviewed in a later podcast. You can find them here at https://belovedcommunityvillage.wordpress.com/. We talk about the need for housing for the homeless and how the tiny house movement can play a role in that as a place where people can get back on their feet and find their confidence again with some autonomy and privacy. Marianne and I discuss the value of home ownership and how it can add value to your life. 

tiny homeWe discuss the shift in the movement as Appendix Q has now been adopted in the IRC building code and how the industry is shifting to more standardized, safe and inspectable tiny home models and design. We talk about the goal of making the process for tiny home certification more streamlined and accessible. Marianne mentions the importance of getting involved with your community and becoming a council member or working with council members to change the shape of affordable housing in your area. We talk about ways tiny home communities can shift the idea of community to spending money in the community instead of on our mortgages. She inspires e to get more involved in my local government and definitely got me thinking about getting more involved.  She mentions the importance of involvement in local government as being the easiest and most effective way to promote change. Marianne brings up a catalyst in the permaculture and social change movement Starhawk and you can find her information here http://starhawk.org/.

As a final note, we discuss the importance of embodying the change we want to see in the world. To spend your money on companies that support change and the values you want. On a fun note… It’s almost time for planting, so get together with your neighbors to create some beautiful organic food. Thank you, listeners, for all your support and input. Let us know more of what you want to hear and share your story of sustainable living here http://sustainablelivingpodcast.com/contact-us/

You can keep up to date on our tiny house journey on Instagram at www.instagram.com/mindfulminimalistmama or at my website www.mindfulminimalistmama.com 


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