Envisioning: Cheap or free energy for everyone!

November 4, 2015

From the Keshe Foundation to Stage 2 Innovations to independent thinkers worldwide;  the desire to transform and benefit humanity by making clean, sustainable energy available for all is captivating creative minds.

It’s not a new idea.  Nikola Tesla, as well as many others, had ideas for providing electricity free or very inexpensively.  But Big Business always seemed to get in the way.

Perhaps humanity just couldn’t envision such a world…. then.

But that was before the Internet. Decentralization of information may have turned clamping down on innovation into a losing game of Whack-a-Mole, even for big corporations with infinite resources.

We now stand at a point in history where anything seems possible – that is, IF we can imagine it.

Envision a world where energy is cheap or free with us Friday, November 6 at 12 pm ET on Blab. Lurkers are welcome and participation is encouraged! Just click here Friday at 12 pm ET.

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