Envisioning: Peace on Earth

December 11, 2015

envisioning peace on earth

The human race has experienced century upon century of struggle, oppression and war. For countless generations this way of being has been the norm.  But a growing number of us are beginning to see that drastic change is necessary if we want to continue to exist as a species.

As we chart a course toward a different future, it’s important to have a clear destination in mind – a picture, if you will, of what a peaceful, harmonious and happy world would look like.

So we have scheduled a live streamed video discussion on the topic.

Please join us Friday, December 11 at 9 am PT for a discussion on, “Envisioning Peace on Earth.”

We’ll brainstorm about what Peace on Earth would look like? Then we’ll delve onto, how will it be achieved; how  politics, science, critical thinking and spiritual evolution will play a part; and what individuals can do now.

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