Fall Homestead Update

Episode 60

In this podcast Marianne and I give a Fall homesteading update, both personal and from a national perspective.

The Presidential Circus aka Election

We talk a little bit about the current United States Presidential election, our political system and the part that collaboration plays in all of it. We discuss what is wrong with the political system and what is the value of voting? Are there any, more effective ways of really creating change?

Fall Homesteading with Gophers

I am currently experiencing a major gopher infestation on my property and I’m at my wit’s end!

Seriously, I don’t even want to put ANYTHING in the ground until I get a handle on this problem.  Even gopher-proof cages have failed to save my plants and trees.

Once again, Marianne to the rescue!

She offers some excellent tips for getting rid of and protecting plants from gophers. Have you ever heard of an “owl box”?  Marianne explains what it is and how to use one for managing rodents on your property. She also shares quite a few other tips that don’t involve poison, which, for the sake of the local wildlife and my dogs, I don’t want to use.

Marianne also talks about a fence project she is working on that will incorporate urbanite (broken concrete) with succulents. She really knows how to stack functions in a creative way!

Future Projects

We touch a little bit on organizing local communities to make them more economically self-sufficient and sustainable. But we are hoping to do a much longer podcast on this topic.  So if you are doing anything along these lines, please drop us an email  (jenise@sustainablelivingpodcast.com OR marianne@sustainablelivingpodcast.com) and share with us! We may even have you as a guest on a future episode of the podcast!

We also touch on some of our plans for future projects including an in-person event or two.

For more information about dealing with rodents, you may want to check out the following links:






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