EPISODE 13 – Mallorca, Spain, is the home of Meiling Colorado and a group of people, 7 of them youth, who want to study permaculture to find solutions not only for their own future employment, but for the many problems their island faces. In this interview, Meiling and Mandy of PermaMed are talking about Permaculture, what PermaMed has to offer and the initiative of the 7 young people. For more on the project, click here.

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2 comments on “Fifty percent unemployment: Solution? Study permaculture

  1. Meiling Oct 15, 2015

    Such a pleasure doing this podcast Marianne!! It was great talking about our projects like this…sometimes we get so involved within our own community that we forget this is interesting to people outside our circle too. I myself got even more excited about them after listening back to the podcast!!! It was certainly a boost of much needed energy. As far as the crowdfunding is concerned it would be awesome if we could achieve our goal, specially as it would validate society does care, or at least a better society is possible when it is based on shared values…which is something most of us would like our children to grow up feeling. A wonderful experience, Thank you!!

    • Marianne West Nov 25, 2015

      Meiling, I just saw your comment. I am so glad we talked and one goal of our podcast is to share what the “not so famous” people all over the world are doing to make a difference in the world. I do think that you inspire many to take steps towards taking greater responsibility in the health of our mother earth. Loved talking to you and looking forward to a follow up episode.