Episode 098

I’m excited about food swaps. Why? There are SO many reasons!  I mean who doesn’t like fresh, locally grown food? Or building community with your neighbors? Or trading your excess garden produce for something that you really need?

Start a Food Swap

Those are all wonderful reasons for starting a food swap.  But perhaps most importantly, food swaps can provide some protection against economic downturns. Think about it.  If we actually do have to face a SHTF moment and items we need are no longer easy to get, wouldn’t a local food swapping group be helpful?

So I’ve decided I’m going to start a food swap here in my small town of Big Bear City, California.  But there are a few things I need to know, so I talked to Sheri Menelli of earthfriendlyhomeowner.com about it.  Sheri attends, organizes and advertises food swaps in her local area of Carlsbad, California. Our discussion is part of this episode.

I also talked to my favorite homesteading mentor who is also my podcast co-host,  Marianne West. She’s an old hand at food swaps, herself.

Food SwapFreedom in Swapping Communities

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear about the advantages of food swaps; unexpected benefits; how to start your own food swap; and pitfalls to avoid.

Marianne and I feel this is such an important topic that we are also creating a free guide for anyone interested in starting a food swap in their own community. Please keep an eye out for announcements about it in the future.

Of all the subjects we cover, topics like this one, that focus on helping people to have more freedom, get me the most excited. Personally, I’m tired of having to support corporations and institutions that cause so much suffering in the world. I’m also tired of being dependent on these organizations for my basic needs.

If you feel the same way, I hope you’ll look for food swaps in your local area – or start one of your own.  The more we all begin to participate in exchanges that help to empower ourselves and our local communities, the more resilient and free we will all be.

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2 comments on “Food Swap for Health, Economic Resilience

  1. Dave Miller Jun 3, 2017

    Listened to your podcast on food-swaps. Awesome idea. I also am wondering how that would work out with County/City health codes, regulations, etc…
    Also, would a local “community barter currency work” http://www.communitycurrencieslaw.org/
    Or maybe crypto currency like Bitcoin?
    We definitely need alternatives to the corporate system.

    • Marianne West Jun 21, 2017

      Hi Dave,
      Thank you for listening. So far, all has been good. I guess this can be treated like a potluck. The idea is that there is absolutely no exchange of money.
      I don’t know enough about the rules and regulations around a barter currency to know how that would work. Maybe more when a private trade is negotiated.
      Personally, in a public venue, I would stick with trading what’s on hand.