Intro to Permaculture Course – The Interview

Andrew Millison is the creator of this free Intro to Permaculture course offered by Oregon State University as an online course. In the interview, Andrew shared that people from all over the world can participate.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. They are free and cover a variety of topics. To sign up for the Free Introduction to Permaculture course use this link It is best to register now – the course will begin in May 2016. Update: Course starts again on October 31, 2016

All are encouraged to take advantage. There are no tests and one can just watch the videos without doing the exercises. This will give a good overview what all is possible and either provide hope that our planet has a bright future or at least help to understand the “crazy” neighbor better who composts, water harvests and keeps talking about that cool design system called Permaculture.

Or, one can dive in deeply, do all the exercises, follow all the links given throughout the course and gain a whole lot of knowledge during the month of May 2016.

Update: This course is being offered again starting on October 31 through November 27 2016. Sign up is open.

Now is a good time to register and then, to tell all friends and neighbors to do the same.



Press Release From Oregon State University

March 16, 2016

OSU to offer free, massive online course in eco-friendly landscape design

By Tyler Hansen, 520-312-1276,

Source: Andrew Millison, 541-737-5441,

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University is providing free access to the

knowledge and tools needed to help combat climate change and other world issues

in a massive open online course, or MOOC, on sustainable landscape design this

The four-week course, Intro to Permaculture, is a public education project that will

enable students worldwide to learn about and design sustainable landscapes and

ecosystems in a highly interactive way.

The class begins May 2, and registration is open now.

The practical use of permaculture design techniques makes the course information easily

applicable to a person’s life, said instructor Andrew Millison.

“I’ve seen exponential growth in permaculture in recent years because it directly

addresses many of the issues that are on people’s minds, such as climate change,

food security and the alleviation of poverty,” he said. “Permaculture offers solutions

to these issues, and this course gives people a way to make a positive impact.”

Using interactive web apps, satellite imagery from Google Maps and Millison’s

digital animation drawings as a guide, students will create their own landscape

design site online through a series of detailed mapping exercises. By the end of the

four weeks, students will be able to articulate major design strategies for each


In essence, the course aims to help people see the world like never before.

“Permaculture gives people a new lens with which to see the landscape,” said

Millison, who has 20 years of experience in the field. “The high-production visual

element we’ll use in this class will really bring the activities to life in a way I’ve

never seen before.”

The development of the MOOC is a joint effort of Open Oregon State, OSU

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2 comments on “Free University Permaculture Course

  1. Dennis Wilson Mukidi Jun 2, 2018

    Am interested to the maximum . I started a permaculture farm . And now I need a higher knowledge

    • Marianne West Jun 7, 2018

      We are so glad to hear that you started a Permaculture Farm!! Hopefully, you find some interesting information here on our website. If you follow the links in the post, there is so much information Andrew shares.

      Let us know how your farming is coming along!