Episode 40

I was Ignorant about the Impact of Pet Care

Do you like finding out that you are ignorant about a subject you think you know a lot about? I don’t. Well, I found out that I hadn’t thought much about the impact of pet care. That is one of the reasons that I didn’t put Darcy’s book, Greening your Pet Care, down until I had finished it.

Darcy got me when reading the introduction. Did you know that during one year a medium sized dog has double the environmental impact than a gas-guzzling SUV which drove about 6000 miles? That is a lot! And no, I didn’t know that – that is where the ignorant part comes in.

dog and baby hugging the dog

Dogs are often our best friends. These two love each other.

Dogs and the Environment

Until I picked up the book, I never thought about dogs and the environment. At least not beyond the obvious – the little or not so little gifts of poop they (or rather their owners) leave behind. Well, there is food and the many miles that might travel, toys, vet visits, treats and more and all of that leaves a carbon Paw print – as Darcy puts it.

dog with cone

Darcy has many tips on greening Vet visits

Think before Bringing Home Nemo

Dogs are not the only culprits. Who knew that little aquarium fish swimming prettily and quietly in a home aquarium might be responsible for destroying all kinds of natural habitat such as coral reefs and other ocean life. They, of course, are not doing it themselves, but the method used to harvest them are responsible.

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The good news is that Darcy has many tips and tools in her book to enjoy pet ownership in a responsible and sustainable way and also keep your pets safe and healthy. Dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, small animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians are covered in depth. Several chapters are devoted to greening your house and environment – they are a good resource even for a pet-less reader.

Greening Your Pet Care


More about Darcy Matheson and How to Buy the Book

And even better news is that Darcy wrote a guest blog for us you can read here.

Greening Your Pet Care by Darcy Matheson is available at pet stores, book stores and of course online.

To buy directly from the publisher: http://self-counsel.com/greening-your-pet-care.html

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