Episode 107

We’re back with some EASY sustainable tips from our listeners today!

easy sustainable living tipsBut before we get into them, Marianne shares a personal story about an issue she’s been going through regarding health care.

Virtually all of us have experienced a health scare, at one time or another.  We get stressed and so do our loved ones.  But too often that stress is exacerbated by insurance and health care professionals laboring under a system that is NOT heart centered.

Many of us can relate to Marianne’s frustration – a feeling that is not very conducive to healing. But we keep moving forward, with an eye toward creating new systems that have compassion and the benefit of human kind as the goal.

When it rains it pours!

easy sustainable living tipsMarianne also needed to get new flooring for her bathroom and, being the dedicated sustainable living geek that she is, she went on a quest to find sustainable flooring.  What she learned really surprised me.

Did you know that linoleum is a pretty sustainable source for flooring? I didn’t!

Marianne chose linoleum for her bathroom floor and she outlines why in our discussion.  But getting it wasn’t as easy as you might think.  These days many flooring stores are selling vinyl flooring instead and vinyl has a lot of un-sustainable issues.  Marianne recounts her experience of being told a particular material was linoleum, when it turned out to be vinyl.(Here’s an interesting article I found that compares the two.)

EASY sustainable living tips

easy sustainable living tipsOn our path to becoming completely zero-waste, the road is littered with packaging so we were very pleased to receive these easy sustainable living tips from our listeners! .

As dedicated sustainable living geeks, we want to reduce that packaging as much as possible. These tips from listeners like Stephanie McCoy, Amy Stross and Groce Family Farm, will help. We cover the importance of reducing packaging; different ways to reuse packaging; and, of course, ways to eliminate it.

Many of these tips are centered around food packaging. And two big ways to reduce it that also enhance life in many ways, are growing your own food and cooking at home.  There’s something very special about both of these practices that often makes for a much happier, healthier and more satisfying life.

Please let us know what you liked about this episode and what topics you think we should cover in the future.  And please, keep those awesome sustainable living tips coming!

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