Episode 36

Teri Page writes about off-grid living, cooking, gardening, tiny house building, homeschooling and more on her popular blog, Homestead Honey.

There she shares a wealth of valuable information on sustainable, self-reliant, self sufficient living gleaned from years of experience.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Interview with Homestead Honey

Teri’s Tiny House

A Love of Gardening Begins

Back in the 1990’s Teri was a love-struck college biology major who enjoyed cooking, but had never attempted gardening.

She followed her boyfriend to a sustainable living skills center in Oregon  and it was there that she was bitten by the gardening bug.

Shortly afterward she and her boyfriend-turned-husband rented a cabin in Oregon with acreage that allowed them to do their own gardening. That, of course, led to chickens, ducks, goats, bees and pigs over the course of 13 years in the same location.

“We just learned by doing, ” she says.

The couple moved to Missouri in 2012 with their two young children.

They’ve been busy setting up their new homestead, complete with a tiny house they built themselves, ever since.

Interview with Homestead Honey

Teri’s homestead

Challenges on the Homestead

In this interview, Teri shares her story and touches on some of the challenges she’s faced as a homesteader. For instance, though the couple’s businesses necessitate having high-speed internet, their home does not have running water.

We also talk about the importance of community; how to not be too “tied down” as a homesteader; homeschooling; the joys of following the rhythms of the land and more.

If you are interested in benefitting from Teri’s valuable homesteading tips, check out her blog. She also offers coaching for newbies looking to get started with homesteading and sustainable living.

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