Episode 105

Our News and Listener Tips July 2017

We Couldn’t Sleep

We couldn’t sleep. Both Jenise and I couldn’t sleep last night. For very different reasons.

I was up with my solar charged flashlight prowling the yard. Not once, not twice, but three times. Each time, my crazy little dogs woke me from a deep sleep by barking like there is no tomorrow. dog

Why I never figured out. But since we lost a bunch of chicken last Christmas morning to one of the friendly- or rather not so friendly- night time wildlife visitors, I can’t go back to sleep without investigating.

We have since build a chicken fortress for my girls to spend the night. But the last few nights, I have brought the 12 babies and their mom close to the flock in a temporary enclosure.

Now, they are all next to each other and can get acquainted, but the babies house is not as safe as the fortress.

Ergo, I get up with my flashlight to roam the yard whenever the dogs go off.

Jenise couldn’t sleep because she had too much fun!! It was her birthday on Tuesday and she celebrates with cake and friends – doing karaoke!!

She realized that we all need to have joy in our lives. Sing, dance, laugh, run up a mountain. Whatever makes us happy. And we need to schedule time for joy!

For Jenise, that is Karaoke. Someday, I have to go with her and film her for you!

Our Other News

Our other news:

  • canning
  • garden
  • swales
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Our Listener Tips


The sometimes not so pretty reality of hanging laundry. But it works!

Pat Jones – via email

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Kelly Beth -@mamakellybeth -via Instagram

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Kathe Kline  – via Voxer – listen to Kathe’s podcast Rock your Retirement


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