Episode 112

We are Doing Something Different This Week

Again, I am starting my communique to you with: We are doing something different this week!! But change is good, right?

By now, you probably know that Jenise and I were at Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim and we were speakers on a panel. The title was Podcasts: Untapped Resource for Social Change.

Well, that is what we are all about, and I believe that you all are too.

Judithe Registre, our panel leader, and I are interviewing each other. Partly, this is a recap of our session and partly the beginning of developing a plan on how to accelerate the change we want to see.

So, what is different, you ask. Well, here it is. Even though we are somewhat directing our conversation toward the podcasters who were in the room with us, I think it is important for you to be part of this discussion.

Because – and this is important – we are exploring podcasting for social change!!!!

podcasting for social changepodcasting for social change


Podcasting for Social Change

How? Why? Who? And how can we sustain the work of those who are podcasting?

And that is where you, actually all of us, come in.

Obviously, if nobody listens to a podcast, the impact is zero! So, thank you to all of you who allow us into your ears every week! We are so grateful!

Yet, we do want you to do more! We want you to start listening to some of the other podcasts and podcasters who are exploring and are dedicated to podcasting for social change. Some might be more focused on social equality, others on women’s rights, environmental issues, immigration, aging, and so much more.

Let’s not stop here!

Share, share and share again what you have learned! Here is an easy way.

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When a topic comes up in a conversation- with a friend, or with a stranger – and you know that there is a podcast about the topic – grab their phone and subscribe them to that podcast!!

Yes, you might have to explain what a podcast is. No problem. Right? You, my friend, belong to the 25% of enlightened people – people who know what a podcast is. If you are not in the US, that percentage might be even lower. You are on the forefront of the phenomenon called podcasting.


Imagine that Each of us Shares the Gift of Podcasting

Imagine if each of us shares the gift that podcasting is with one person.

Maybe that person needs to learn about Medicare. No problem, there is a podcast for that.

The next day, you meet someone who needs to improve their English or learn how to navigate the immigration system or both. No problem, there are podcasts to come to the rescue!

Need to relax, practice Yoga, meditate or listen to calming music while getting a massage. Yes, there are podcasts for that (massage not included 🙁 ).

Now you see why we think that podcasting is such a powerful tool and why I want you to listen to a podcast on podcasting for social change.

I highly recommend that you listen to some of the podcasts of our fellow panelists.


Meet the Panelists

  • Judithe is fiercely interested to listen to peoples voices.podcasting for social change
  • Dirk wants us to be civil in our discussions.
  • Rachel Carson-Begley and Ed Begley want us live greener.
  • Diana wants us to understand the Medicare system.
  • And you know what our show is all about.


Judithe Registre                     https://inclusivus.org/podcast/

Dirk Primbs                             http://2debate.eu/

Rachel Carson-Begley           http://www.begleyesque.com/podcast/

Diana Daniels                         http://callsamm.com/

And Jenise and I                     use the buttons on your left to subscribe with your favorite app



Judithe’s nonprofit is called Inclusivus. This is their mission:


Inclusivus believes in the power that comes from within, not the power that others bestow. The people with whom we work in communities around the world are driven by their inner strength to speak up and take action to create change in their lives and communities. These people are InPowered. Investing in these people and their proven solutions is a necessary measure for addressing poverty and inequality.

Being “InPowered” starts from within. It’s that voice inside each and every one of us that urges us to speak up, act out, and stand firm. Unlike being empowered, it’s not the result of someone else’s words or actions. Being InPowered creates a surge from within that continuously impacts people’s lives, families, and communities to bring about unified action.

At Inclusivus, we believe in InPowerment.


[clickToTweet tweet=”Being “InPowered” starts from within. It’s that voice inside each and every one of us. #InPowered” quote=”Being “InPowered” starts from within. It’s that voice inside each and every one of us.” theme=”style5″]


Now you understand why all of you are part of the movement that is using podcasting for social change.

All of you have a story to tell and we want to help you to tell that story!

[clickToTweet tweet=”All of you have a story to tell and we want to help you to tell that story! #podcastin for #socialchange” quote=”All of you have a story to tell and we want to help you to tell that story!” theme=”style5″]


Tell us what you think! Are you in? Are you part of the movement?

What are you most interested in? What are you doing in your part of the earth? We want to know!!

Send us an email at marianne@sustainablelivingpodcast.com, join the mailing list, or find us on social media. Do you see the little buttons on the top of this page? They lead you straight to our accounts.

And the ones on the button allow you to share with one click. Go for it!! We love you for it!

Podcasting for social change

Here is an example of a podcast and social change

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