Episode 93

Sunday Conversations with Darrell Smith.

Usually, you don’t hear from us on a Sunday. But here it is – Sunday Conversations. For now, Sunday conversations is a three-part series sharing the stories of three remarkable people who have faced great challenges in their lives.

Each of our guests has a very different story to share. What they have in common is that they have taken their individual challenges and turned them into opportunities to help others.

Darrell Smith

Darrell talks about DepressionToday’s Interview is featuring Darrell Smith, also known as Big D. I let Darrell introduce himself:

“My name is Darrell Smith. I am a writer, podcaster, and former postman who was taken out of my profession due to a physical condition which caused me to lose my vision. I documented my journey, as well as discussed my mental health issues in a podcast known as The Mailman’s Survival Guide to The Galaxy.”

I hope that you will tune into Darrell’s podcast. And share it with a friend who is dealing with depression. We all have either experienced this disease ourselves or we know someone who has.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2017 is declared Mental Health Awareness Month. It is good to know that the conversation about mental health is being conducted more and more openly. People like Darrell, who are brave enough to speak up and share their struggles with the world make a huge difference!

Mailman's podcast depression help[clickToTweet tweet=”Depression used to be in the category of topics not to be discussed. Now, we know there is hep! reach out!” quote=”Depression used to be in the category of topics not to be discussed. With the help of advocacy, podcasts (like S-Town), and TV shows, depression has become a topic of conversation. “]

The awareness that so many suffer from it is growing and growing. That is a good thing and hopefully, many more lives can be saved as people learn how to help.

Resources to Help Understand Depression.

Darrell’s Podcast on iTunes

Darrell’s website: http://mmsurvivalguide.podomatic.com

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Website

Mental Health America Website

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness Website


How to Reach Darrell

Here is a link to the comic site http://blindeyecomics.weebly.com

Darrell’s Podcast on iTunes

Darrell’s website: http://mmsurvivalguide.podomatic.com


Darrell on Depression

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