Episode 42

This week’s podcast is a sustainable living update in which we discuss chicken feed, gardens, Jack Spirko, toys for toddlers, listener feedback and more.

Sustainable Living Spring Update


First, Marianne shares her latest experiences as a “day care” grandma.  She is letting her little grand son get into all kinds of things and in the process, he’s having fun and learning! Who needs toys when everything around us is a potential toy to a toddler?

The Survival Podcast

We go on to talk about something very exciting that happened recently. On a recent episode of his podcast, The Survival Podcast, Jack Spirko mentioned that he listens to The Sustainable Living Podcast!  This was a very big deal to us. We share a little about our experiences with Jack and why you should consider checking out The Survival Podcast.

Sustainable Living Spring Update


We both share a bit about what we’ve been doing in the garden.  I recently planted 24 berry bushes. Marianne is enjoying the fruits of her efforts as trees and bushes in her abundant forest garden begin to ripen.

Gardening, Bread & More

As a newbie chicken mama, I am very interested in reducing my feed costs.  So I decided to pick Marianne’s brain to find out how she keeps her costs down.  She give a a great list of things to try.  You can check out the list, here.

I’ve started making my own sourdough bread recently, and I explain what I like about it during the discussion. (You can try the recipe I like best, here.) Marianne has been making her own bread for years, but she buys whole grains and mills them herself.  She shares what the advantages are.  She also talks about the importance of investing in a quality grain miller.

Marianne recommends the Sow Edible Podcast and she mentions Senna and Guaje/Leucaena as beneficial plants that she includes in her garden in San Diego.

Here are a few more pictures from Marianne’s prolific San Diego garden.

Sustainable Living Spring Update



Sustainable Living Spring Update



Sustainable Living Spring Update





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