Episode 47

We know you want to have your wedding cake AND eat it too, so in this episode Marianne and I got together to share some sustainable wedding tips that will save you money and help you go easy on Mother Earth.

For instance, have you thought about invitations? We share one modern option that allows you to share a much more personal message with more information without a lot of paper.

Venues in Nature

Sustainable Wedding Tips

Public parks can make excellent wedding venues!

We also talk about choosing a venue that won’t break the bank yet sets a tone that is more personal and reflects your values.

My daughter Giselle and my new son-in-law, Rami (the composer of The Sustainable Living Podcast theme music), chose a public park for their wedding. In the photo to the right you can see that they even chose to make their own wedding arch to add a more personal touch.

Marianne and her son both had weddings in Marianne’s backyard which offered an opportunity to create a beautiful deck that has been used many times since.

Paper plates and plastic forks seem to be the standard choice at most wedding receptions. But are there practical, yet more sustainable options? Marianne chose a surprisingly different route.

More Fun Family Time for LESS Money

Sustainable Wedding Tips

Marianne’s backyard wedding.

Your friends and family have flown from all over to attend your wedding.  Why not make the most of it? As Marianne explains, the Germans really know how to do this. Wedding celebrations last for days. And when she had her own wedding in San Diego, she incorporated these traditions with an eye toward sustainability and frugality.  The result was a joyful wedding camp out that multiplied the family fun at little or no extra cost.

Please share your tips with us!

We know we’ve just scratched the surface here on sustainable wedding tips.  There are so many ways to create wedding celebrations that are meaningful and fun yet also affordable and sustainable.  Do you have your own tips or ideas? Please share them in the comments or email them to us at sustainablelivingpodcast@gmail.com. We are very likely to share your tip on a future episode of the podcast!


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