Why I Podfaded

It has been well over a year since I published the last episode. There were many reasons and I am touching on them in this short solo episode.

One of them was that I suffered – if that is the right word – from environmental depression.


Just didn’t feel that I had to add a lot to the conversation.

And, I needed a break.

So many changes in my personal life – I will tell you later about them.

But we are back with a new episode – Episode 159.

Where are we Going with this Podcast Journey?

That is an excellent question and I am hoping that I will hear from you.

Tell me what topics are of interest to you?

Do you have a person in mind that I should interview?

It does not have to be a famous person – actually, I love to feature people that do great things and don’t necessarily have the spotlight on them.

Are you interested to be a guest on the podcast?

Let me know. Either in the comments or catch me on social media.

While we are on the topic of social media – please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


I am planning on teaching some live Yoga classes in the future and need more subscribers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Here is one of our last podcasts


Sustainable Fashion

Episode 134

Diana MacDonald is Introducing Herself

I have been a professional photographer since 1993, and have been shooting stock photography since 1996 when I moved to Florida and landed a job as an in-house stock photographer for SuperStock, a stock agency in Jacksonville. In 1998 I left the agency and branched out on my own, shooting what is known as macro stock for a company called Eyewire, which had previously been owned by Adobe, and was bought out by Getty Images. I shot exclusively for Getty for many years, but with the advent of microstock agencies, the business changed drastically, so I now shoot for 5 micro agencies as well as for Getty and for Alamy (a UK based macro stock agency.) Continue reading

Episode 113

Turning Adversity into Success

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If anybody has the right to say that she turned adversities into success, it is Amy Oestreicher. She grew up in a loving, well-established family and dedicated her high school years to the performing arts. Sounds like a carefree youth. But, as it turns out, her performing arts teacher and coach was sexually abusing her.
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Episode 110

From a High Paying Position to High Life Satisfaction

David Perrodin, PhD,  left a high paying, high-status position without a plan. That was quite a life change! And we are honored that David chose us and our podcast to talk about how that decision affected his life.life change

Many of us say that we want to change something. We dream of the move to the country – or the city as that may be. Or start our own business, travel the world or whatever strikes your fancy. But most of us do nothing about it. We want a life change but we stay in a situation which might even make us sick.

David was the Director of Student Services. The money was good, but the job never ended. The next emergency was just a phone call away. Many a time, he wanted to enjoy time with his family, only to be stuck on the phone to handle yet another emergency. Continue reading

Episode 108

The Power of Social Media

So many people complain that everyone and their grandmother is now building relationships on social media.

Real life friends have become a thing of the past, they say. And online friends are just not the same.

Not so, my friends. These two real life grandmothers whole heartily disagree!
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Episode 107

We’re back with some EASY sustainable tips from our listeners today!

easy sustainable living tipsBut before we get into them, Marianne shares a personal story about an issue she’s been going through regarding health care.

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