Episode 102

I embraced feminism at an early age.  It seemed like a no-brainer. Women should have the same rights as men. Period.

I honor and appreciate all the pioneering women who came before me and through their efforts, made it possible for me to vote and choose to have the career that I want.  Many continue fighting for our rights to this day and I am grateful.

The Big Picture

Thoughts on FeminismSomewhere along the line, though, I began to wonder if, perhaps the cause was a little short-sighted.

What I mean by this is, though I believe women and men should have equal rights, the problem is bigger than that.

Our society values traditionally masculine activities and attitudes much more than it does the feminine versions. And to be healthy, we need a mix of both.

This was highlighted for Marianne when she recently listened to a podcast for working moms.

To be clear, both Marianne and I believe we women should be able to choose our own paths, unencumbered by oppressive practices designed to  control those choices.

But, as you’ll hear in our discussion, Marianne and I are also big believers in attachment parenting. We believe the more time kids can spend with their parents, particularly in those first five years, the better off they are.  I would add, that society is much better off when that happens as well.

Unfortunately, childrearing has traditionally been considered more of a feminine activity and thus has not been given the status it deserves.

Feminism and Our Future

If the raising of children (in essence the caring for and nurturing of society’s future) were valued as much as it should be, parents would have MORE choices in terms of pursuing a career, not less. There would be much more flexibility to include: more parental leave time; more part-time and job-sharing options; more opportunities for working from home; and more child-friendly workplaces.

The more all of us have to work to fit into a masculine-oriented system in which career and childrearing are mutually exclusive, the more we all suffer and the less sustainable our society is.

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