Episode 131

The New Voices on The Sustainable Living Podcast

As you know, there are new voices at The Sustainable Living Podcast. When Jenise decided to give up podcasting for now, I got excited about the idea of adding a variety of new voices to our program. Sustainable Living is such a large topic and many of us are trying our best to become knowledgeable about the many aspects of creating a more sustainable life.

But try as we might, we always will know more about one aspect than another. Adding new voices with expertise in different topics seems like a good idea.

For the past weeks, you have heard from Emily Gerde who loves Tiny House living, is a mom of a young child and promotes the minimalist lifestyle.

Today, you will meet two new voices who will be regulars on the podcast.

Meet Pia Piscitelli

When I first met Pia Piscitelli, she had just returned from a week-long Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training. We had been online friends for a while and Pia was also a listener of our podcast.

Of course, we had to schedule a workshop right away where Pia was going to share what she has learned at the conference.

Pia Piscitelli two new voicesThis is how we advertised the workshop:

Community by community, we are demanding action on climate change. Join us for a workshop on its impacts, solutions, and what you can do to take action.

That day, it turned out that Pia was giving a workshop for one – me. But that was perfect since we had time to talk about our goals and our work on and for this planet.

A couple of days after our meeting, Pia set out on a journey East to give Minneapolis a try.

That was last summer. Fast forward to now and Pia has lived through a winter with ice and snow and got inspired to start a podcast of her own and a sustainability club!! How great is that!

But wait, it gets better!! She also agreed to be part of the Sustainable Living Podcast.She is one of our new voices. We are so happy to have her!

Pia will be contributing a monthly segment on sustainable travel. In this episode, you will hear the very first segment – all about the rent-a-bicycle programs which are sprouting up all over.

Find out about Pia’s podcast and the club on her website. 

Her new enterprise is called the Greenie Group. I had the great honor to be one of Pia’s guests on her podcast and hope that you will give it a listen. Find our episode here.

Credit for the Music on Pia’s segment goes to:  Dot Wiggin Band

Meet Claire Cox

This is what Claire wrote:

My name is Claire Cox, I was born and raised in Ohio I moved to Oregon at age 17, where I met and married my husband, Mark. He is an RN at the hospital “near” us, almost an hour away.

We have 2 grown children and 5 grandkids, and 5 cows.

About ten years ago we moved to the boondocks and we have been trying to live as self-sufficiently as possible. We have dabbled in permaculture, aquaponics, fodder feeding and many more innovative gardening concepts. It has been an incredible journey, lots of blood, sweat, tears, and laughter, and we even learned a thing or two along the way.

We are nearing “retirement age” for my husband now, and so taking a long, hard look at the reality of growing old and homesteading. We need to make some changes… we invite anyone who is interested to tag along as we wander along!

Claire Cox two new voicesClaire has become my friend via a different social media platform called steemit. she blogs about homesteading, of course, but also about her other interests such as gold and silver, singing kareoke with her husband and much more.

Find Claire’s blog here

Her name is fishyculture on Steemit.






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