Our recent hiatus took place because of unforeseen events having to do with the title of this podcast.

I lost my Dad to a case of undiagnosed lung cancer in June.  The experience taught me a few things that I think may help others who find themselves in similar situations.

In this episode Marianne and I discuss what happened and how a heart-centered approach can transform the process of death and dying.


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2 comments on “Episode 5 – When a loved one dies

  1. Cheryl Aug 21, 2015

    Thank You for sharing this story and experience…my heart is hugging your dear heart. Your willingness to share this part of your parent’s and your journey will surely help so many others to navigate in similar situations.
    I have spent much thought on how to transition from being a Birth Midwife to being a Transition Midwife and/or Grief Doula or perhaps even a Hospice Nurse. Both Birth and Death are transitions which truly require a ‘Heart Centered’, family supportive approach well beyond the lead up to transition and well after the birth/death. This is far too often overlooked in our society. I believe we will soon come to appreciate the NEED for Grief Doulas as part of a comprehensive team effort and an extension to the amazing Hospice programs that are now available to help families through this journey.
    Much Love to you Always.
    Cheryl XOXO

    • Jenise Fryatt Aug 28, 2015


      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about this. Perhaps one day the person in charge of helping families through these passages will be known as a “transition midwife” or “transition doula.”

      I would love this person to be someone who, like yourself, has great love and respect for these moments but also is knowledgeable in the physiological aspects.

      For my family, it was the hospice nurses who were our “transition midwives.” The were obviously trained to place a great deal of importance on the emotional and spiritual aspects of the event, as well as on the needs of family members. Sounds a whole lot like what you did for me as a midwife assistant during the birth of Tyler.

      My dear, your beautiful heart and your diligent nursing skills together are so needed right now. I’m so glad that you are letting that light shine. LOADS of love to you!