Willi Paul founded PlanetShifter Magazine several years ago and has ever since been active publishing interviews, New Myth, videos and much more. willi (2)

His roots are in the worlds of Permaculture and the Transition movement and his concern for the world is driving his work.d67f9f24-1ef8-43fd-a020-63d852bdd7af


Many connect Permaculture with agriculture and the growing of food. Living healthy is important to Willi as the beautiful photo demonstrates. It  looks to me like all the ingredients one needs for a super healthy smoothie.



Willi sees himself foremost as a teacher. He likes to broadcast new ideas or different takes on old ones far and wide and then allow people to develop and grow that seed. Old objects could be turned into something entirely different, for example.

Tank pianoBed-1 100_3202a


Art and philosophy are also entwined into Willi’s work .

fly-thru 003

Sculptures made from found material can represent the human form or can be more abstract like the wire triangle pictured here.wire triangle







Children are the focus of much of Willi’s work. Often, they are more open to use things in unexpected ways than adults are.4e3207e4-e7ce-4014-8bee-30d4e300158b

But adults can come out and play too. Willi was a presenter at a Permaculture Convergence and this was one of the installations created there.treesuit

Myth and Mythology are another key focus of Willis work. He has created many “New Myth” and is fascinated with symbols and their meanings.

A symbol could be found in a picture of an everyday item as for example a telephoneMix-And-Genest-s-Microphone-Telephone-620-8a

or maybe at the side of the road


It could be a shadow


or a line drawn on the side walk


One must always keep the eyes open to see what the world presents. So much to see and explore all around us.

Will also is exploring ways to create new archetypes to maybe give us a different way to relating to and in this world.


To find out more about Willi and his work, visit his PlanetShifter Magazine here

or follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and google+

All pictures are courtesy of Willi Paul and used with his permission.

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