Why I Podfaded

It has been well over a year since I published the last episode. There were many reasons and I am touching on them in this short solo episode.

One of them was that I suffered – if that is the right word – from environmental depression.


Just didn’t feel that I had to add a lot to the conversation.

And, I needed a break.

So many changes in my personal life – I will tell you later about them.

But we are back with a new episode – Episode 159.

Where are we Going with this Podcast Journey?

That is an excellent question and I am hoping that I will hear from you.

Tell me what topics are of interest to you?

Do you have a person in mind that I should interview?

It does not have to be a famous person – actually, I love to feature people that do great things and don’t necessarily have the spotlight on them.

Are you interested to be a guest on the podcast?

Let me know. Either in the comments or catch me on social media.

While we are on the topic of social media – please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


I am planning on teaching some live Yoga classes in the future and need more subscribers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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