30 Day Challenge – Daily Exercise

September 20, 2017

A 30 Day Challenge to You All

30 Days? Why have a 30 day challenge? Glad you asked. Lots people say that it takes at least 21 days of doing a behavior consistently to become a routine. Well, maybe and maybe not.

I am glad you asked. Lots of people say that it takes at least 21 days of doing a behavior consistently to become a routine. Well, maybe and maybe not.

There are lots of articles written about this. You can use your friend google to check that out. Or if you value your privacy and don’t want lots of ads to show up wherever you go online – use your friend duckduckgo. Or whoever you trust in this crazy online world to bring you the results you are searching for.

That said, it might take 21 days to form a new habit, i.e. exercise. But it might take way longer to break an old one i.e. sitting on the couch and thinking about exercising.

So, Why 30 Days?

So, why 30 days?

  • Because it is a round number.
  • Because it is a long time.
  • Because it is really not that long and maybe doable.
  • And because a lot of people do a 30 day challenge. So it seems familiar.


The Challenge

Move your body every day!

  • Do Yoga or Pilates.
  • Dance like crazy in your living room.
  • Run up and down your stairs.
  • Walk around your yard.
  • Take a 10-mile hike.
  • Or do whatever takes your fancy.


Why am I doing this? The answer is short and sweet. I am doing this to hold me accountable. If you want to join in, post a picture (selfie) of you doing something in the comments. With a date, if you can. Or a video. Up to you.

You are the ones who can watch and check in and ask if I did what I said I wanted to do. But I love it best if you join in!

There a several ways to do this.

  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Join me and Jenise on Steemit . If you don’t know what that is – Steemit is a social media platform where you can earn cryptocurrency (steem). I will post daily and you can leave your comment, a selfie of you doing your exercise or maybe even a video.
  • Join us in our Facebook group Sustainable Living Tips, Tools&Tactics
  • Or post a comment below of what you did.

When you post a picture, see if you can include a date somehow. It could be a newspaper, the calendar on your phone, a handwritten piece of paper. But no worries if that is too much. We would love to see a video!


So, are you with me?

Does a 30 day challenge sound good to you? I hope so!

30 day challenge


Today, I did Yoga. Just a pic of the mat to invite you to step onto it with me.

See you tomorrow 🙂


An Afterthought

You see the Yoga mats in the picture? One is made from natural rubber, the other is the $ 20 kind you can get just about everywhere.

Many people have that kind – the one made from petrochemical materials. Those are the mats most Yoga studios carry and they are easily found just about everywhere. And they are cheaper. Sometimes, at least that is true for me, I might buy something – like a Yoga mat – because it is there and I need it.

Then, later, I think about it and question if there aren’t other options. Usually, there are. They are not always easy to find. And sadly, the mats made from more environmentally friendly materials are often more expensive.

I included a link to Amazon here which takes you to a mat made from the environment-friendly materials. It is an affiliate link. If you buy something on Amazon within 24 hours after clicking the link, you help us with no extra cost to you.

That mat is expensive and there are a few other options available. And there are of course the “other” mats as well. I have quite a few of those I bought cheaply at a Yoga studio. They were left behind by students and never retrieved. I figure it is better to use them than to send them to the landfill.


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