Episode 39

We All Want to Be Healthy

We all want to be healthy, right? Feel good. Be happy. I know I want to and have throughout the years explored different methods and modalities to help me with that goal.

Health and to take care of problems ourselves as much as possible is one of the basics of Sustainable Living in my opinion. Imagine my excitement when I found out by shear coincidence that a friend of mine is a therapist in a new to America healing modality called Innerwise.


Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht is a German Physician who, for many years now, has helped people to heal without using medication or complicated tests. His goal is to empower all who want to take their wellbeing into their own hands to do so. Here is a short bio which shows how extensively Uwe studied to become proficient in what he calls “the Art of Healing.”

Uwe Albrecht was born in East Germany in 1966. He is a physician and pioneer of energy medicine. In addition to conventional medicine, he studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classical European healing methods, physioenergetics, osteopathic repositioning techniques (AORT), homeopathy, holistic biological medicine, emotional therapies and sacred geometry. Based on his findings, experiences and insights, Uwe Albrecht developed Yes/No and Innerwise®: The Complete Healing System.www.innerwise.eu

This bio is from the Hayhouse website

Another influence on his choice of path was that he grew up with a physician mother and a philosopher father. In a way, he is combining both of these disciplines when he developed his method called Innerwise. Practicing Innerwise allows participants to tap into their subconscious and maybe even beyond to figure out action steps leading to well being. Those might be choices of food, medication, rest or exercise and so much more.

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Uwe Albrecht believes that we need to stop treating the symptoms and rather develop the art of healing, addressing body, spirit, and soul all at once. He compares treating symptoms to taking a hammer to a warning light, as for example the check oil light in a car. The light is gone and doesn’t bother us anymore, but before we know it, all the oil might be gone and the motor is kaputt. The same holds true for us. Our symptoms are warning signs telling us that we need to do something differently.


Sadly, most of modern medicine is focused on treating symptoms only. Innerwise is helping us to figure out how we can help ourselves.


The Innerwise website is filled with information on how to learn and apply this method. There is also a free app available in both German and English. The app is certified as a medical device in Europe. You can find it in the App store for apple devices and on google play. And FREE is such a good price! Many videos teaching this method are available on Vimeo and UTube. They are linked to from the website or a simple google search will bring them up.

You can purchase the Innerwise cards or the Healing system through Amazon (affiliate)

If you would rather learn from a coach or mentor, chances are one can be found in most places – maybe not everywhere in the US since Innerwise is just getting started here, but over 150 000 people are using Innerwise in Europe and many have decided to become mentors or coaches, as have many European physicians and other healthcare professionals .

It gets even better. Uwe started teaching seminars in the United States. The first ones were held shortly after we recorded this episode. Since then, he has held many more and I am sure, will be back in the future. Check the website for future dates.

Also, the Innerwise healing system is now available on Amazon. You can purchase it through our affiliate link here.

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David Wittchen was a patient of Uwe’s as a child and later again as a young adult. Now, he is helping others to achieve health.

Centi helps many women to feel better through healthy meals and herbs

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3 comments on “Heal Yourself with Innerwise

  1. Great interview with Uwe Albrecht MD
    brilliant creator of innerwise!

  2. Loved it. Couldn’t stop listening. Thanks.