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We all want to see an end to hunger and poverty all over the world, right? What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to do that? Donating to a charity, right? Or supporting more foreign aid going to a country.

While we need nonprofits and governments to step up in an emergency, Liza Moiseeva believes that social businesses are the way to address the inequality we face all over the world.

Liza and her partners started GlobeIn – a business model we haven’t seen before. To be clear, GlobeIn is a business and as such, is supposed to make money for the owners.

A Business Based on Fairness
artisans and GlobeIn

But it is a business based on the idea of fairness.

Liza and her partners traveled the world and came across artisans in small villages who produced beautiful products – but were living in complete poverty!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Globe In is a business based on the idea of fairness. shop here (affil) #artisangifts ” quote=” Globe In is a business based on the idea of fairness.”]

Why? Because they didn’t have a way to sell their products – at least not for a fair price.

The bigger markets who might bring a better price for their products were often many hours of travel away and impossible for the artisans to attend.

Often, they ended up selling their product for a low price to a middleman who then turned around and sold their wares for a huge profit – leaving the creator in poverty.

Or even worse, an original design might be taken and cheaply reproduced and sold, leaving the artist with no income at all.

Subscription Boxes

Liza and her partners decided on a subscription box as their business model. They curate boxes with different themes. What that means is that each box has several items created by artisans all over the world.

Artisan box

All artisans are paid according to fair trade rules. Actually, they are paid above the minimum wages determined by the Fair Trade agreements. And, get this, GlobeIn pays for their orders in advance!

This makes it possible for the artisans to acquire the materials needed to produce the items to be delivered to GlobeIn. This is huge!!

Also, GlobeIn partners with local organizations and supports their mission to not only provide work for the families in the region but to also provide healthcare and schooling for the children.

Each box comes with a small booklet letting the subscriber know from where in the world the items in the box came from and – this is fantastic – who made them!

Artisan Basket Artisan box


[clickToTweet tweet=”GlobeIn supports to not only provide work for the families but to also provide healthcare and schooling #socialbiz” quote=”GlobeIn partners with local organizations and supports their mission to not only provide work for the families in the region but to also provide healthcare and schooling for the children.”]


Even better, on the GlobeIn website, you find a tab called impact. Here is shows you how many hours of work that box provided and how many people were able to make a living because of that box and ultimately, your purchase.

We are proud to tell you that we have become affiliates for GlobeIn. What that means is that you can click on this link to purchase your box. You will support artisans worldwide, including us with a small percentage of the purchase price – with no additional cost to you.

I just opened a box, and I am blown away by the quality and beauty of the items I received. It feels so good to support a business that does good in the world.

If you have followed me a while, you know that I am a very bad consumer – I buy very little. But I do love to spend my money when I can buy something useful that also supports people who really need to earn money to eat.

GlobeIn falls into that category for me.

Get $10 off your first subscription box  and enter code: WELCOME  (for new customers only)

This is one of the October selections.

Artisan October basket


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Here is the video which made me want to talk to Liza and bring this podcast to you.

If you are ready for a deal, click here and get a free box with any 12-month subscription.


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