Episode 137

Backyard Farm Update

Steve Cornett is a farmer. And he lives in a big city – well, in a small city right next to San Diego. How is that possible? The title of this post gave it away. He is a backyard farmer!

Farm update

Steve has been able to quit his “other” job and devote himself to his farm. He told us all about it when he was a guest on the podcast a few months back.

Here is a link to that episode in case you missed it.

How to Make a Living with Backyard Farming

We talked about many projects Steve had started and it was time to check back with him and see what he is up to. Steve attributes the health of his vegetables, their beauty and their great taste, on his soil. Farm Update

He considers himself a soil farmer, not a vegetable farmer. His crop is free of pests and he never needed to use any kind of treatment to get rid of those unwanted visitors so many gardeners and farmers deal with.

Not long ago, he bought a microscope and learned about all the life present in a healthy soil. Dr. Elaine Ingham is teaching about the soil food web and is a big proponent of knowing all the organisms present in healthy soil and a healthy compost, for that matter.

She recommends a certain microscope and teaches in person and online classes that are packed with information. If you like, visit here website here

More Farm Updates

  • Steve is perfecting his compost teas
  • He is participating now in a much larger farmers market
  • He stopped selling to restaurants
  • He is still trying to figure out Black Soldier Flies
  • He is building salad spinners from washing machines
  • He doesn’t want any more chickens right now.

Farm Update


The Biggest Farm Update

Well, it is not so much a farm update as it is a farmer’s update. Steve will contribute short sections on life as an Urban farmer to the podcast on a regular basis.

We are very much looking forward to that!!


A Story

This is a first at the podcast! On the Social Media Site called Steemit I keep telling you about, I have been running a writing initiative. The other day, this story was submitted that is so in alignment with the podcast. You could say maybe even the reason that we podcast.

I am reading it to you right after the interview, but if you like to read it, you can find it on the author’s blog.

Poison by Bennett Italia


A Sustainable Living Podcast Update

Many of you know that we have a page on Patreon. If you are not familiar with that platform, it is a site where anyone can support creatives – artist, musicians, and podcasters. Lately, they introduced a story feature that can be exclusive for our Patrons.

This is turning out to be a lot of fun. If you like to see little live clips of the life of a podcaster and urban homesteader, join us on Patreon. Some of the clips are for everyone to see – others are for our Patrons only. Hint – you can sponsor us for as little as one dollar per month.


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