Use What You Have in the Garden

May 13, 2020


Often, when gardening, the need to tie a plant or support it in different ways during its growth.

I love to be able to use whatever is available and preferably what has grown in the garden.

Poles for beans to grow on are always branches or reeds that grew in a spot where they ended up being in the way.

Check out this berry.


I was gifted an old section of picket fence and put that in my driveway to distingue where the car space ends and the garden begins. 

This fence comes in handy in many ways. You can see nasturtiums growing on it, as well as this Freedom Blackberry. The blackberry turns out to grow too tall for me to push it through the fence and let it be its only support.

I could have found some string to tie it up – but I found something better.

Whenever I trim my grapes and find flexible vines, I make a wreath out of them. They tend to end up all over, mostly for decoration. But they also come in handy to support vining plants.

In this case, the wreath is helping the berry vine to grow upright and stay close to the fence.

Using what I have in the garden is much cheaper – or free. It also is a zero-waste solution. The fence and the grapevine did not land in the landfill – neither will be a rope or string I could have bought and used instead. 

I like the way this looks much better than some string.

What do you prefer?


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