Why I Podfaded

It has been well over a year since I published the last episode. There were many reasons and I am touching on them in this short solo episode.

One of them was that I suffered – if that is the right word – from environmental depression.


Just didn’t feel that I had to add a lot to the conversation.

And, I needed a break.

So many changes in my personal life – I will tell you later about them.

But we are back with a new episode – Episode 159.

Where are we Going with this Podcast Journey?

That is an excellent question and I am hoping that I will hear from you.

Tell me what topics are of interest to you?

Do you have a person in mind that I should interview?

It does not have to be a famous person – actually, I love to feature people that do great things and don’t necessarily have the spotlight on them.

Are you interested to be a guest on the podcast?

Let me know. Either in the comments or catch me on social media.

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I am planning on teaching some live Yoga classes in the future and need more subscribers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Episode 151

Zero Waste Tips

by Emily Gerde

Today, I am going to share zero waste tips with you. The zero waste movement it growing in stride, so this podcast gives you ways I have aimed for zero waste in my home but more importantly, resources of experts who are really committed to the movement. Zero waste is much easier in larger cities but several companies are catching on and communities are coming together for the common goal of minimizing waste in the community.

The hardest way to eliminate our waste for our family is food packaging. There are a few zero waste grocery stores across the country, but they don’t necessarily have chemical free or organic food, but it’s still a step in the right direction. Find a Store near you on this amazing website https://www.litterless.com/wheretoshop/.  When talking zero waste the best way to start it to see what your local recycling center excepts and actually recycles. You will be surprised to know what they can’t recycle such as certain plastics and you can donate things like yogurt cups, cardboard rolls, etc to your local pre-schools, schools, art teachers, churches, etc. Another great way to move toward zero waste is to use compostable or paper bags and garbage bags or better yet none at all. We have done all three options. Here is an option for compostable bags we like http://biobagusa.com/.

Another way to take steps toward zero waste is eliminating as much food packaging as possible. We can do this by buying in bulk when possible. Many grocery stores have it where you can bring your own mason jar and pour the bulk food into the mason jars. Several also have the option to refill things like soap, nut butters, baking soda, detergents, etc. You can also support the up and coming industries of hemp and mushroom plastics that biodegrade and are much safer. Below are articles to read up more on these two alternatives.  You can get involved in supporting these types of business and non-profits by going to your local sustainability expo.

Please share your zero waste tips with us!

Plastic Alternatives






Zero Waste International Alliance


Zero Waste Nerd


Sound Resource Management


Zero Waste Marin  (although this is specific to a location…still has great ideas)


Grass Roots Recycling Network



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Chicks or Hens?

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