Knitting a Cowl

February 14, 2022

Knitting a Cowl

Hello, sweet needlework friends. Let me introduce you to my latest knitting project fresh off the needles. A cowl that also is a little bit like a dickie. While this is not the best photo of me, I just loved the way the tree branches look like part of my crazy hair.

I took the photo early in the morning, right after I cast off the last stitch of this combination cowl/dickie. It was 17 degrees Fahrenheit – that is -9 for my celsius thinking friends.

In San Diego, it never gets that cold. But I have been hiking early in the morning and the temps were close to freezing. I figured a cowl will serve me during my stay here in Northeastern Arizona as well as at home.

A Wall of Yarn

It all started when I went to a store in Windowrock on the Navajo Nation and I saw a wall of this.

many strands of wool in varies colors displayed at a store

A wall of yarn. Imagine how my heart started racing and a big smile formed on my face. Did I mention that I am in love with wool?  All kinds of wool.

Many Navajo people are weaving the most beautiful rugs and are using this yarn for their art. I found out that it is the Lambs Pride from the Brown Sheep Wool Company.

Most of the strands are 85% wool and 15% Mohair. Some are 100% wool. None are superwashed which I love.

The best surprise was that the prices on the Rez were super reasonable. I am sure you can guess what happened. Yup. I did buy a bunch.

The Yarn Choices

My goal was to utilize leftovers yarn from other projects I had already knitted from my purchases.

So far, I have made hats, felted slippers, house socks, and now, this cowl.

different colors of wool yarn and the cowl knitting startedstarted

But after starting, I ended up sticking with two main contrast colors while knitting this cowl.

the finished cowl laying on a wood background.

I threw in a little red since I had started with a dark red leftover and wanted to pull everything together.

Should I Write a Pattern?

I am thinking of writing up a pattern for knitting this cowl. If I do, you all will be the first to know. Actually, I would publish it here.

Here is another way of wearing the cowl.

A women wearing the cowl with her face showing

Are you interested in this pattern? If so, let me know. The best way to reach me is by leaving a comment on our Instagram account or on Ravelry.

There, we are Sustainablelivin – that is all the letters they gave us.

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