Episode 71 Health, Chicken, Meditation, and Podcasts We Like.

On Being Sick and Home Remedies.

We, Jenise and Marianne, both were sick and it took us a long time to find a date to record this December 2016 update. When we had the time, one, or both of us, didn’t have a voice. Oh well, it is the time of the year when so many people are sneezing, coughing and talking funny.  Both of us don’t like to take medication much and opted out of the pills and potions widely advertised during the winter month. Instead, we turned to a variety of home remedies with pretty good results. A ginger bulb and chopped ginger

3:50 Essential Oils and Herbs.

7:50 Ginger and Cinnamon Tea.

8:21 Enough of being sick and on to the chickens.

Chicken – How could there be a December 2016 Update without them.

Marianne’s chickens are misbehaving. A gang of about 10 or so decided that the chicken area is not for them. Some go back and forth, some just stay out of it all together. Especially the mommies like to find secluded places to sit on their eggs and hide their little babies. While completely free ranging chickens sounds good in theory, in reality it is not such a great thing.

Take the babies for example. We started out with seven baby chicks and now are down to three. There is a well fed hawk somewhere out there. Hopefully he or she appreciates the completely organic meals. I actually saw an hawk take of with my sweet little white baby in its claws and run after it. Guess who was faster and who was able to fly away. Yup. It wasn’t me.

Little Black RoosterThen there is little black rooster. He was of the second baby batch of super mommy. I had given them to a friend who does live in a city where roosters aren’t allowed. This boy made his way back to us. He has good reason to stay out of the general chicken area since Dan, the ruler of the roost, would beat him up if he tried to join the flock. Roosters are like that. So, he is part of the renegade gang and the only one who decided that sleeping right next to our back door was the way to go. Our house is very small and the roosters tend to go off at 4 AM – a pretty loud wake up call.

12:30 Jenise’s chickens on the other hand are mostly well behaved. Their coop is very secure – which is a good thing since the wind is howling around her house and during our conversation, snow was expected any time. They only are misbehaving in one way: They poop into their nesting boxes. Not good. We like clean eggs!

14:00 Any suggestions how to keep chickens from pooping in the nesting box? Please contact us and let us know!

How to Reach Us

14:15 How to reach us. Please do send us your suggestions, feedback, tips, topics you want us to explore. We love to hear it! One way is to leave a comment on this website. Here are many more ways:

Jenise: jenise@sustainablelivingpodcast.com

Marianne: marianne@sustainablelivingpodcast.com


Facebook Page: Sustainable Living Podcast

Facebook Group: Sustainable Living Tips, Tools & Tactics This is a private group and we want this to be a place of true sharing and supporting each other. We will ban spammers.

Winter on the Mountain Homestead

houses covered in snow

15:45 Jenise lives on a mountain with a real winters with snow and such and is done with her homesteading chores. Now, she is getting ready for Christmas. We are exploring the questions of gifts and christmas cards.

23:13 Be honest with yourself about your finances and what you can afford.

25:30 Change of government and global stress. The answer: meditation. We talked about a study that showed that meditation is effective in lowering crime rates. There are several articles regarding this study and I am linking to one, but highly encourage you to do your own research. I find it fascinating! Study on lower crime rate through meditation.

31:35 Jenise interviewed quite a few thinkers developing paradigms of new economy and social systems. The common thread is to create a society with less work, more community, less money, less stress and more satisfaction. A few of the interviews are already published – episodes 67, 68 and 70 and there will be more to come. 

Episode 67 A Resource Based Economy

Episode 68 One Community

Episode 70  Ubuntu

35:30 Non Violent Communication came up in one of the interviews – as it did in Marianne’s interview with Amelia.

37:22 The wind blowing at Jenise’s house.

37:50 Our twitter handle – took us a second to remember it: @sustlivingpod

Podcasts we Like and a Big Thank You

38:24 #podernfamily is a group of people on Twitter who decided to support each other. We have become part of the family and really appreciate the support.

40:26 The MailMan’s survival Guide to the Galaxy Podcast. Big D is one of the podernfamily members. I actually first came across his other podcast mentioned below. But I wanted to talk about the MailMan’s survival guide first. Big D talks about dealing with very serious life matters and is so honest about how difficult it is to deal with going blind and depression. He does such a service to let people who are going through hard times know that they are not alone and that help is out there. In any given year, between 7 and 10% of the population suffer from depression and almost everybody does at one point in their life. Most feel very alone. So, thank you, Big D for this podcast!

41:54 The Bro-ron’s Podcast   Those guys are funny, but they do use more explicit language than we would. Just so you know. And Big D is one of the brothers on this podcast.

43:22 The Better World Podcast Collective is an effort of Tom Idle who wanted to bring together a community of podcasters who want to see a healthy and happy world. Do check out our fellow podcasters.

If you are celebrating Holidays this month – we wish you the Best.

mountain with snow

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