Envisioning: Holidays That Are Stress Free

December 16, 2015

A gathering of friends and family around good food, good cheer, laughter, stories and fun – that’s what most of us hope to experience during the holidays.

But too often our holidays are about rushing to find the right gifts; creating the perfect dishes; worrying about troubled relatives, staying within our budgets and trying to stay healthy without the aid of adequate rest and nutritious food.

So just how do we put our hearts into the holiday experience in a way that maintains our health and happiness?

Join us this Friday, December 18 at 9 am PT for a discussion on this topic.  We’ll share tips, tricks and thoughts about how to have a meaningful holiday experience that nourishes the soul and doesn’t break the bank or our health.

We’ll look at stress factors such as money, time and family issues and how to deal with each in a way that doesn’t drain us.

We will also discuss solutions to common problems such as decorating, gift giving and parties with budgetary limitations in mind. We’ll also discuss alternatives to traditional practices that can result in a more satisfying holiday experience for everyone involved.

So grab some eggnog, get comfy and join us for a chat designed to support you in creating a holiday experience that leaves you feeling warm and satisfied instead of drained and haggard.



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