Welcome to The Sustainable Living Podcast – information on living a heart-centered life that honors Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

In this half-hour weekly show we, Jenise Fryatt and Marianne West, will explore the topic of sustainable living and all it entails.

But first, who are we and how did we come to embrace sustainable living?  In this, our first episode of the podcast, we lay it all out.

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2 comments on “Episode 1 – Who we are and why we are into sustainable living

  1. Cheryl Vaught Apr 9, 2015

    AWESOMENESS!! I am so happy and excited about this podcast and everything you are co-creating in this world. Love, Love, Love you and Thank You from every fiber of my being. Love, Cheryl

    • Jenise Fryatt Apr 10, 2015

      Thank you Cheryl! You certainly have influenced me on my sustainable living journey. I’m honored to count you as a friend and so very happy that you share our excitement about the podcast. Lots of love to you! – Jenise