Episode 100

The Sustainable Living PodcastOur journey on the sustainable living path led Marianne and I to create a weekly podcast a little more than two years ago.

This episode marks 100 times we’ve recorded and shared our thoughts, interviews and tips via the podcast.

In celebration of this milestone, Marianne traveled to my Big Bear homestead last weekend to brainstorm about our future plans and to record this episode.

Connecting with You

We’ve been on a mission to connect more directly with our listeners and to share and recognize your contributions.  So we decided to build this episode around the many useful sustainable living tips you’ve shared with us in our Facebook Group, Sustainable Living Tips, Tools & Tactics; and on our Instagram account.

We also announced the long-awaited beginning of the Sustainable Living Podcast Tribe Connector – our e-newsletter.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t believe in coincidences.  In my opinion, Marianne and I were meant to meet and work together.  Too many things aligned to ensure that it happened.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t obstacles to overcome.

The Sustainable Living PodcastChallenges and Friendship

Believe it or not, this was the very first time that Marianne and I have ever recorded a podcast together in the same room – in this case my back deck.

The fact that we live three hours away from each other has certainly been challenging.  The technologies of the Internet, Skype and social media made our meeting and subsequent partnership possible. But technology was also a barrier for us.  Though I had years of experience as a social media marketer, both of us had to learn about podcasting – which is no small feat.

Marianne threw herself into learning about everything regarding podcasting and social media marketing.  As I note in our discussion, she has even begun teaching me new things!

And along the way, our friendship has grown.

Meeting via Skype on a regular basis, we’ve shared many ups, downs.  For instance, shortly after we began the podcast, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  I’ll never forget how supportive Marianne was, giving me helpful information that she has learned as a cancer survivor.

But even the day-to-day challenges of life have been just a little bit easier because of our regular chats.

I’m grateful that we have both shared a flexible approach to podcasting.

Some months Marianne had a lot going on, so I posted the majority of the podcasts. Other months, she did more of the work.  We don’t really count who is doing how much.  We just work together to make sure things get done – at least most of the time.  And when someone drops the ball, well we’ve all been there. We just do our best to make sure it gets picked up again.

Our Sustainable Living Community

In this episode, which we decided to live stream as a video on Facebook,  you’ll hear us share the story of the birth of The Sustainable Living Podcast; favorite moments and future plans.  But you’ll also hear tips from listeners like Karen Vizer, Robin Gjerde, Stephanie McCoy, Cheryl Vaught and others.

We are so grateful to have you all as members of our tribe.  We appreciate your support.  But we are particularly grateful to be connected to some of the most positive, resourceful, intelligent and caring people on Earth. We learn from you everyday.

The value of a community such as ours cannot be overstated. Whether we’re sharing tips on how to live more sustainably or just giving each other virtual hugs during tough times, these relationships provide a foundation upon which we can build a much happier world.

Marianne and I wish to thank you all for your participation in this, from the bottom of our hearts.

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