Episode 136

Food Choices

Food choices are so often on our mind. We are bombarded with information what to buy, what not to buy. We are told that we are weighing too much, or not enough. And every day, there is a news about a study about a foodthat is either bad or very good for us – and often, the opposing studies are talking about the same item.Food Choices

What are we supposed to do? With so many food choices and so much information, sometimes, it is hard to decide what to bring to our families’ tables.

Emily shares in this podcast what type of food choices her family has made and why.

Here are Emily’s words:


Hello! Emily here with a solo podcast adventure! Please excuse the sound quality as I completely forgot to put my ear buds in, so it’s just my computer microphone. I felt called to do a quick food podcast as an overview of what healthy eating looks like for our family. I discuss the many different options available to you as far as a healthy diet goes and help sift through some of the confusion behind all the choices. I also dive into options for holistic practitioners that can help you along on the journey. I provide the best ways to save money and eat clean at the same time and make sure you know the most important ways to keep your food free of any harmful toxins. Join me on this quick journey to a new healthy you. All the insights and more can also be found in my new book “Minimalist Living for a Maximum Life.” Enjoy this beautiful journey to a new healthy you and remember… “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates


Food ChoicesFood Choices

Emily’s food choices include meat. She points out that at different times in our lives, we might need different diets. But, she says, that all of us need to eat our veggies.

It is important to know what we are buying – there is a huge difference in how our food is grown, how the animals are raised, how far it has traveled, and so much more.

While organic food is often more expensive than other items in the market, Emily’s family decided to spend the money today to hopefully avoid expensive health consequences in the future.

Your food choices today might impact you for many years to come.

Check out the fun we are having with sharing little behind the scene snippets from our lives.


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