Episode 91 – Interview with Nicola Syme

Nicola Syme in Her Own Words

Nicola Syme is the designer/creator of sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical sleepwear, loungewear and yoga wear company, Happiest Girl In The World.Nicola Happiest Girl

[clickToTweet tweet=”go organic!! Dress fashionable and be good to the earth. Organic cotton!! ” quote=”Her vision is to bring awareness and education to people, surrounding the negative effects the fast fashion industry is having on the planet while also providing a sustainable, high-quality clothing alternative.  “]

Happiest Girl in the World

Through Happiest Girl In The World, Nicola aims to teach and support women of all ages, to truly love themselves, and to encourage women to create positive body image and self-confidence within themselves and remind them that they are unique and amazing JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.
She is on a mission to create lasting positive change and to have a massive impact on the lives of women all around the world.
[clickToTweet tweet=”Nicola aims to teach and support women of all ages, to truly love themselves #selflove #podcast” quote=”Nicola aims to teach and support women of all ages, to truly love themselves ” theme=”style4″]

Topics of Discussion

 Topics of discussion:
– Effects of fast fashion industry on the planet
– Benefits of low tox living and choosing sustainable, high-quality products that last
– Ethical, safe factory practices and supporting these factories
– Creating positive body image and self-confidence in women – challenging current ‘beauty’ standards
– The impact of non-organic cotton production in the world.


Organic – Many of us immediately start thinking about food. But the material much of our clothing is made from has probably a much higher negative impact on the earth than the food crops have. That is why we are so pleased that more young entrepreneurs are stepping into the fashion industry with an agenda:

  • To produce clothing healthy for the planet.
  • Nontoxic, comfortable and beautiful for the person wearing it.
  • Nonharmful for everybody involved in the manufacturing process – from the farmer to the factory worker to the sales person.

And having a name for your business like “The Happiest Girl in the World” is just awesome!

We Want to See You!!!

Happiest Girl in the WorldSend us a picture of your favorite piece of clothing made with organic and/or ethical sources materials. Preferably with you in it. Please, give us permission to feature your photo when you send it and we will share it via Instagram and Facebook. Let us know if you want your name mentioned as well.

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