Episode 44  Interview with David Wittchen

First Awareness of Health

David is a health coach, detoxification specialist, Innerwise mentor and raw food enthusiast. At 13 years of age, David faced some serious health problems and was told by his doctors that they couldn’t do anything for him. That he needed to learn to live with his condition. lucky for him, his mom found an alternative doctor who was able to help him.

Fast forward to David as a young man, eating a very healthy diet, but still dealing with severe skin problems. He had a very healthy diet and again went to several doctors in hope of a cure. Finally, he remembered the Doctor, Uwe Albrecht, who helped him once before. Again, he was helped through the method called Innerwise developed by Uwe. (We previously interviewed Uwe. You can find that interview here .)

Finding his Life’s Work

Traveling for one year gave David lots of time to think and ponder what he wanted his life’s work to be. He decided to not return to his employment as an engineer, but rather help people on their journey to find health and happiness. Surprisingly, the right food is just one part of the quest for health, albeit an important one.

Health Takes More Than Good Food

Fresh pressed juice recipe for energy and glowing skin:
Run the follwing ingredients trough your juicer;
4 medium apples
8 medium carrots
1 medium beet
1 lemon including the peel if organic
1 inch of ginger

David found that we have to bring our life into overall harmony to create health, happiness and well being. This includes of course healthy food, but also healthy relationships, self-care, work we love to do, rest, a relationship with nature and more.

Some Tips to Become or Stay Healthy

David says that we have allies in our quest to be healthy.

The sun will shine for everybody

The water is there for everybody

Clean air is there for everybody

They will not choose for whom they are available

Here are some of the self-care actions David suggests:

  • Take time for yourself.
  • Say no to others.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Breath deeply and consciously.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to find your own way.
  • Avoid people who fear change and rather complain than improve.
  • Ask for help.
  • Remember to take small steps.
  • We don’t need to have it all figured out to begin.


Good food is, of course, part of being a healthy person and zoddles happen to be a favorite dish for many. This great recipe uses all raw ingredients and is delicious no matter if raw food is your thing or not.

Health Takes More Than Good Food

Raw Vegan ZUCCHINI PASTA recipe aka Zoodles:
– Use spiralizer or Julienne peeler to turn 2 medium sized zucchini and 1 big carrot into noodles
– RAW VEGAN PASTA SAUCE: place the following ingredients in your high speed blender; 4 roma tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, 1 avocado, fresh lemon juice & 1 hand full of fresh basil.

David shares all his recipes on Instagram. He has currently more than 250 posted from smoothies and juices to hardier dinners.

How to Reach David

David has a website and a presence on several social media

David’s website

Instagram for all the recipes



photos and recipes are from David.

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