Episode 69 Interview with Amelia Roache

Amelia Roache has made Ocean Beach, San Diego her home for most of 18 years.Bicycle on the beach
Amelia RoacheShe started on a decided path of healing over 20 years ago learning the modalities of Healing Touch and Esoteric Healing. Then came T’ai Chi Chih and her accreditation as an instructor. Nonviolent Communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg) followed and became her primary focus of exploration and teaching. Soon after, she came upon Permaculture Design as happen-stance by glancing through a magazine and has been devoted to the practice ever since. Three times certified and recently teacher certified, she brings Permaculture Design “camps” to youth and families and, as a consultant and designer. She continues on the path of healer and embraces “adventurer shaman” ways in combination with soul communication services. She is excited to approach corporate environments and provide many services, including her unique tool for transformation she calls, “Ambient Movement”. To find out more about Amelia, visit her Website SD Restorative Practices

 Permaculture Teacher Training

 Marianne and Amelia set out in this interview to explore the importance of Permaculture Teacher Training and to talk about the training Amelia had just completed. This training was taught by such Permaculture Greats as Penny Livingston, Jude Hobbs and Andrew Millison among others. Amelia had given up her job and her home to go to this schooling and it was a profound experience for her. However, very quickly the conversation went to the importance of communication and to the most important aspect: Listening.
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Listening to others of course, but almost more importantly, listening to the Self. What is our Inner self telling us. Are we listening? Are we ignoring it and instead follow the “Shoulds” and “Musts” which are so plentiful in all of our lives.

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

As promised in the podcast, here is information about the Permaculture Ethics and Principles. Bill Mollison is the Founder of Permaculture and wrote the book Permaculture  A Designer’s Manual. This book is considered the go to reference for the Permaculture Designer. David Holmgren, a student of Bill Mollison’s is considered the co-founder of Permaculture. Two versions of the three ethics are found in different publications. the second set is the most widely used today.

  1.         Care of the Earth
  2.         Care of People
  3.          Setting Limits to Population and Consumption


  1.         Earth Care
  2.         People Care
  3.         Fair Share

Patterns in NatureBelow is a link to an article by David Holmgren explaining the 12 principals.

12 Principles of Permaculture by David Holmgren

Children, Preschools and Schools

The interview took an unexpected turn when children, preschool situations and schools became part of the conversation. It turns out that Amelia is working with children on a part time basis and is shocked and appalled by the amount of violence children are exposed to. That does not necessarily mean physical violence. Yelling and screaming at children and completely ignoring their needs is more what Amelia is referring to. To illustrate, she describes a two year old, happily spinning around, being yelled at to sit down and to sit still – something not in the nature of most children of that age.
To be very clear: There are many wonderful preschools, daycares, schools and teachers and they deserve a big thank you! Raising and educating children is a difficult, exhausting job which does not get a lot of recognition or pay. So, all of you who do work with children and do your best, THANK YOU.Juicy Watermelon
 Here is more about Amelia:
Summer Internships:
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Craig Childs
Marshall B. Rosenberg Ph.D.
Kelly Bryson
Dynamic Facilitation
Jim Rough
Books we mentioned:
Bill Mollison
David Holmgren
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2 comments on “How to Design the Life You Want

  1. Love this – great read. I’ve not read about permaculture before. I’m learning something new. Loved the principles. They sound so much “in tune” with nature, given that our lifestyles have increasingly widened the gap between us and nature.
    Completely agree. Yelling at children for their natural behavior is counter-productive. Parenting is an arduous journey, but when we approach it with the patience that it demands, it can be a fruitful and pleasant endeavour!

    • Marianne West Dec 21, 2016

      Thank you so much for your comment – and I so agree with all you said. We are so much removed from nature and it shows also how many relate to children. And yes, being a parent is one of the most wonderful and difficult experiences in one’s lifetime.