The life of a zero-waste minimalist seems completely out of reach for many of us.

Rama Nayeri was certainly not sure it could work for her.  But a doctor’s diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes got her thinking that maybe a drastic lifestyle change was in order.

And so began the journey that she shares in Episode 28 of the podcast.

A Major Life Turning Point

Like others we’ve talked to, Rama’s lifestyle change was predicated on a major life turning point.  Joel Zaslofsky shared that impending fatherhood sparked a re-assessment of his life that led him to embrace simple living. Vicki Hightower shared a similar self-analysis that led her to homesteading.

My 50th birthday had me looking both to the past and the future.

While I was proud of what I had accomplished in my life (my amazing kids who had grown into well-balanced, healthy adults; plenty of material comforts; a successful, if late blooming, career in content marketing) something was missing.

I longed to live a life that was closer to nature and less dependent on a system that was destroying it.  I wanted my actions to be congruent with what my heart was telling me to do. I wanted an intentional life.

Not as Hard as You’d Think

Too often we think that an intentional life is a pipe dream – not practical in the real world. But people like Rama, Joel and Vicki are proving that it’s really not that difficult. And, just as importantly, the cost of NOT listening to our hearts can be tragic for both Mother Earth and ourselves.

Unfortunately the sound quality from Rama’s phone left much to be desired.  I apologize if it makes her difficult to understand at points.  But please hang in there.  Rama offers excellent insight and tips as well as some unexpected benefits she has experienced as a zero-waste minimalist.

You may also want to check out Rama’s blog as well as the following posts for more on the topics of zero-waste and minimalism.



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