Episode 104

Linda Kelso Teaches Landscape Design

Linda Kelso is a podcaster, a blogger, and a business woman. She is the owner and operator of LK Landscape Design.


You might ask, why in the world have a podcaster on your podcast?

Good question!!

There are several answers. One is that Linda is an expert in the garden and many of us have started to grow our own food in an effort to be more sustainable. All tips and advice are welcome!


She also knows how to create environments to support pollinators and other critters who are native to a given area – even if you live in an HOA.


Why We Like to Feature Podcasters

Another reason is that we podcasters like to support each other. You, my friend, our listener, belong to a growing, but still small group of the initiated. You know what a podcast is and how to listen to one.

Landscape Design Podcast


Believe it or not, there is still a large percentage of the population who does not know what a podcast is. If they only knew how much fun and how much learning can be had with a podcast. Maybe, you already shared our podcast with someone you thought might like to learn about sustainable living.


Maybe, you already shared our podcast with someone you thought might like to learn about sustainable living. But you might have more friends who want to learn about gardening and gardening only.


Well, now you can share Linda’s podcast with them and another podcast listener is initiated! A win for all of us!!


In This Episode

  • Why Linda became a Landscape Designer after 18 years in a different career
  • Master Gardener Training
  • Back to College
  • How her office career helped her in starting her own business
  • Physical Business
  • Online Business
  • Why keep Nature in Mind when executing a Landscape Design
  • Free Course
  • ** Special Discount for our Listeners **
  • Why create habitat?
  • Ants!!!!


Linda’s Special Offer

Use these links to take Linda’s courses for only $ 10 each. They usually run between $ 50 and $ 100.

Landscape Design


Gardening Know How: Attracting Birds & Butterflies
Gardening Know How: Sustainable Pest Control
Gardening Know How: DIY Garden Design

Thank you, Linda!!

Hint: Start with the last course – it will help you to get your Landscape Design laid out before you make costly mistakes.

How to Reach Linda

Visit Linda’s website. While you are there, sign up for her free course.


You also find her podcast there.


How to Reach Us

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