Informed Choices for Green Living

Episode 64 – Green Living Choices

Like many of you, one of the biggest reasons I had for choosing green living as my path was because it was more in line with my values.

At that time, I looked around for environmentally friendly and ethically produced products but found they were expensive and difficult to find.

I would have loved to have access to “A Greener Daily Life“, a website founded and run by Chet Van Wert, to connect “conscious consumers with sustainable, ethical brands.”

So I was thrilled when Chet agreed to come on the podcast and share his expertise on finding more environmental and human-friendly products for green living.

Flowers, Power and Cars

I learned a few things.  For instance did you know that cut flowers are usually drenched in pesticides? Chet’s website gives alternatives.

Also, too many of the products we are buying come to us via slave labor.  Personally, I have a difficult time understanding why our country continues to import these products let alone allow them to be sold here without informing the public. But thank goodness people like Chet are working to expose this and provide information about alternatives.

Another thing I learned is that anyone in the U.S. can switch to wind generated power.  Chet explains how it works in this interview.

Informed Choices for Green LivingAlso, did you know that GM is about to debut a new car that is fully electric and will go 230 miles before it needs to be recharged?  Surprisingly it’s not that expensive.

I don’t think you can over estimate the impact our purchasing choices have on the world around us. What we buy offers a very real, and effective method for us to influence commerce in a way that truly benefits humans and our beautiful planet.

The Importance of Choosing Well

Chet and his website provide a wealth of information about things we buy everyday. So I highly recommend that you check it out.

Chet also reminded me of this famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote, “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words.  It is expressed in the choices one makes.” Wise words to keep in mind as we go about our daily lives.

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