Episode 81 – Dawn and Chris Agnos

Dawn and Chris Agnos are two of the most thoughtful people you can speak with on the topic of navigating turbulent times.

Running the massively popular Sustainable Human Facebook page has put them at the forefront of a strong, if sometimes disjointed, movement toward change.

Navigating Turbulent Times

Chris routinely prods his followers to re-examine their beliefs.

Integrating Heart and Mind

Chris has never shied away from taking on the controversial issues of today via social media.  Over and over again, through memes, short films and simple questions, he tries to prod his Facebook followers to reexamine popular arguments they often take at face value.

As an energy healer and intuitive empath, Dawn takes the personal approach. In her work she has repeatedly  seen how a focus on external, materialistic pursuits distracts people from the inner evolution that really does lead to happiness. She works to help people regain the inner guidance and self-awareness that leads them to happier, heart-centered lives.

Together, they are doing their part to make the world a better place.  But right now, the world requires special consideration.

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Turbulent Times & Inner Guidance

Elections and political movements around the globe seem to have created an atmosphere of divisiveness, which has a lot of us apprehensive, if not downright fearful.

It’s time to take a fresh look at the world, and more importantly at ourselves so that we may weather these turbulent times and remain firmly on the path to creating the world we all want.

In this discussion, Chris shares some of his own experiences regarding sniffing out hidden agendas; finding solutions that work for us; and a new initiative at Sustainable Human designed to assist people with their own sustainably-oriented projects and with sharing their inspiring stories.

Dawn breaks down how media programming affects us negatively, the importance of integrating your mind and heart; and the importance of developing self-awareness.

You may also wish to check out my past interview with Chris.

Navigating Turbulent Times


Chronology of Topics in this Episode

3:00 – Chris on sniffing out hidden agendas

8:00 – Dawn on the importance of analyzing our feelings and intentions

12:00 – Dawn on her own journey toward self-awareness

15:00 – The value of living from the heart

17:00 – The dangers of needing to be liked

18:00 – The dangers of ignoring the heart

28:00 – A new initiative at Sustainable Human

31:00 – Crowd-sourcing for your project – Heroes and Friends http://www.heroesandfriends.com/landing

33:00 – The end of Sustainable Human gift economy website

37:00 – The importance of developing discernment

39:00 – Focusing on the highest good for all

40:00 – How survival stress keeps us from emotional integration

44:00 – The importance of being clear on your intentions

45:00 – The broken promises of capitalism

46:00 – What Dawn learned from her millionaire clients

47:00 – Misguided feminism

56:00 – Being true to yourself

1:00 :00- The mind as just another way to sense

1:05:00 – How to get help with your sustainability-oriented project

1:06:00 – A tip for navigating life more effectively












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