October in my Garden – 1

October 25, 2018

Gardening in California

Many of you might be dreaming of gardening in California. You are going into the winter months when snow and ice is or will be soon the reality of your day and the gardening part of your life consists of drooling over seed catalogs. I want to share the California sun with all of you.

Gardening in California

Recently planted veggie beds. The branches are placed to protect the lettuce from too much sun – we suddenly had 85-degree weather.

Today, I am starting a series of Gardening in California which might be mostly pictures – we shall see.

One thing I can guarantee you is that the pictures will be taken by me. I have an iPhone 6 and do not consider myself a professional photographer – or an experienced amateur for that matter.

I consider myself a gardener sharing with you what I see to the best of my abilities.

Tomatoes in Winter

The next picture is of a tomato plant I just transferred from a different spot. My daughter in law had two volunteer tomato plants growing in her front yard that just didn’t want to stop producing. One had yellow teardrop tomatoes and the other small red round supersweet fruit.

They produced so much that she often didn’t harvest all the ripe ones and they got a bit overripe – are you thinking what I am thinking?

Perfect for seed saving!!!

That is what you thought, right?

So did I. My grandson and I took two big bowls and harvested the heck out of the plant. One bowl was for the good ones.

I went home with a big bowl of tomatoes ready to be processed to save the seeds.

Then life happened and the bowl kept sitting there with the tomatoes looking pretty sorry.

One day, I just dumped the whole bowl into a half barrel full of soil, covered them up a bit and forgot about them.

To my surprise, a while later, a bunch of tomato plants came up. Pretty soon, they were the ideal size to transplant.

Then life happened.

They got big. All of them.

Finally, a few days ago, I decided to thin them out. First, I was going to select one to stay and cut the other ones for rooting the stems and hoping for the best.

But I took a shovel just to see how the root situation was and the plants came up quite easily and I was able to separate the roots without a problem.

I planted 4 of them in different locations and they all survived!

California Gardening

I did remove the lower leaves and buried the stem deep into the ground for further root development. But look at this. This is several days after the transplant and we have flowers and fruit and all of that. Looking forward to lots of tomatoes this winter.

Show Me Your Garden!

Of course, if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere, you are getting your gardening on right now and maybe you will show off what you are all up too. I would love to see your pictures!

If you live in ice and snow, maybe you have some pictures from the last season or you might want to show your garden dream/plan. We love to see it!!

You can either leave your comments and pictures as a reply to this blog or you can join me on Steemit.com. Our account there is @sustainablelivin – without the g.

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Another Picture

California Gardening 1

When I turn from the tomato plant, I am looking at this Kumquat tree. Some of the fruit is already ripe. You eat the whole fruit, peel and all. the peel is the sweet part. People also make jam with it but I am eliminating added sugar from my diet – so, jam is not my jam anymore.

The large leaves in the background are Turmeric leaves.

Stay tuned for the next California Gardening Post coming soon.

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