Episode 68 – Tools for Building a Sustainable Community

Open Sourcing a Sustainable CommunityIf you’re interested in creating or living in a sustainable community, there’s a powerful resource you’ll want to check out.
One Community is a non-profit, world-change organization committed to creating sustainable blueprints that anyone can apply to build sustainable infrastructure and unplug from the “Matrix.” Its website is a massive treasure-trove of free information on everything from food, to energy to economics and a whole lot more.

The organization was founded by Jae Sabol who in 2010 committed full time as a volunteer to creating it. His background includes  70 certificates of qualification in holistic living, nutrition, and psychology in addition to other areas of study such as social change, community building, organizational management and strategic business development.

Through One Community, Jae works with a large network of volunteers to empower systems that work for “The Highest Good of All.”   As you can imagine, that’s a profound shift  from systems that merely seek to create higher profits.

Open Source and Free Share

One Community offers open-source and free-share tools, tutorials resources and do-it-yourself instructions for anyone interested in creating a sustainable community or just living a more sustainable life. The website features information  that can be implemented either as individual components or as a complete self sufficient, self sustainable and ultimately self replicating teacher demonstration community village, city or hub. And it fosters global collaboration for like-minded groups interested in producing more sustainability models that can be replicated.

All of this started when Jae began to search for alternatives to the traditional rat race life. During his journey he was fortunate to work with some highly financially successful people.  Over and over again he learned that the monetary success these folks were experiencing did not equal happiness.

Open Sourcing a Sustainable Community

New Systems

I was thrilled to meet and chat with Jae, as part of my series on “New Systems” that are emerging to replace our old dysfunctional systems. His One Community website is an amazing online hub for all those interested in new, more effective methods for ensuring Earthlings and Earth thrive together.

I hope you’ll check out the One Community website.  I also hope that you’ll share your thoughts about this podcast and any related comments you may have below or by emailing me at jenise@sustainablelivingpodcast.com .

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2 comments on “Open Sourcing a Sustainable Community

  1. Wanderers End feels that everyone should have a path to a smarter, more sustainable future, and has no such lofty membership requirements. http://www.wanderersend.org/turning-your-dreams-into-reality WE is a recipient owned non profit, that researches sustainable community developement. WE groups together shareholders, homeless, veterans & low income families to help each other while finding a smarter path for our future.

    • Marianne West Dec 15, 2016

      Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting and I like to talk to you sometime.