Episode 76 – The Transition

There are lots of folks out there looking for ways to create an economic transition to a more resource-based system.

They’re done waiting for our government or other big organizations to take the first step.  Like our former guest, Michael E. V. Knight, they believe that real solutions will begin with individuals implementing new systems in their own lives and in their own communities.

Organizing an Economic TransitionBut too often, these folks are duplicating the efforts of others and re-inventing the wheel, creating needless work and minimizing their effectiveness.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where they could find resources, education and networking opportunities to help?

Gathering the Tribe

There is.  The Transition seeks to unite people who are willing to take action towards enhancing and protecting all life and our environment for future generations.  It’s purpose is to construct real solutions by providing the support, space and resources to do so via the community’s collective knowledge and common heritage of the Earth’s resources.

The Transition also works towards discovering the root causes of major issues we face and proposes alternatives to the destructive systems we have in place today, supporting an economic transition.

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It’s website platform can also be useful to those finding themselves in many different life situations such as those who live communally; those trying to create new social change groups or alternative living situations; or those already involved in growing networks of activists.

Creating an Economic Transition

In this episode, Nicole Bienfang discusses how The Transition helps people take action. Nicole is an entrepreneur, attention economist, interdisciplinary thinker, activist advocate, consultant, social artist, cultural creative, social architect and a founding member of The Transition.

Nicole also shares a bit of her story and how she got involved with The Transition.  Interestingly, her story begins with the same activity that woke Valhalla Movement Co-Founder Marc Angelo Coppola up: binge watching documentaries.

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Show Discussion Chronology

1:00 – Chronic Illness – Binge documentary watching

3:00 – The Venus Project – Resource Based Economy

6:00 – Michael E.V Knight – Build a Resource Based Economy Now Facebook Group

10:00 – Intentional Communities – considered patchwork solution by Venus Project

11:15 –  Identifying common themes within the tribe

13:00 – Decided to create our own website

15:15 – Status of RBE Facebook Group now

16:30 – How the website helps people to take action

18:00 – Pitfalls of too many groups trying to do the same thing

20:45 – Difference between The Transition and Transition Towns

24:15 – Top Down vs Bottom Up Approach

27:45 – Objectives of The Transition and how it takes action to meet them

29:45 – Identifying best ways to start taking action and developing “Your Action Plan”

31:00 – Matching resources to needs

32:45 – The Transition is a reciprocal organization – Stone Soup

36:45 – The powerful hidden fringe benefit of all this

39:30 – “There is no soup unless you put in some potatoes”

41:45 – Making fringe society mainstream

43:30 – Attracting and organizing volunteers and groups

45:00 – Developing a crowd-funding platform for funding member projects

47:30 – Some of the projects that are being helped by the site

49:30 – Site being used as a filter to find serious people for projects

51:00 – How can people make the best use of The Transition website?

54:45 – The importance of non-violent communication

57:30 – The importance of re- assessing the usefulness of our current system

59:00 – Ways to contribute to the Transition community and benefits of contributing

1:02:20 – Yearly conference at Twin Oaks Intentional Community












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10 comments on “Organizing an Economic Transition

  1. Sumira Mar 21, 2017

    Really feel good about Nicole ,she is marvelous in her objectives..

    • Jenise Fryatt Mar 22, 2017

      Thanks for the comment, Sumira. Nicole certainly is working hard on those objectives. I really enjoyed our chat!

  2. Tammy D shore Apr 6, 2017

    I love what Nicole is doing with the transition ..

  3. too much progress ,congrats nicole..

    • Marianne West Apr 9, 2017

      All of us working together will make a huge difference. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Katherine Orlowski Jun 3, 2017

    Extraordinary podcast! Thank you.

  5. Jackson Ellington Jan 27, 2018

    The podcast will not play for me. Any suggestions?

    • Marianne West Jan 29, 2018

      I just checked and the podcast does play for me. I am not a tech person so I am probably not very helpful, but did you check that you had the sound turned up, or maybe something was muted?

      Maybe you have a software installed which doesn’t allow the player to function?

      If the player doesn’t work for you, you can find our podcast on many podcatchers such as Applepodcast, overcast, podbean and so forth.
      Please let me know if this worked for you!