Episode 145

The People’s Fest in Colorado Springs

Emily is going to speak at the People’s Fest in Colorado Springs! Yes, you guessed it. It is a Tiny House Festival. But so much more. The founder Marcus is on the podcast with Emily.

He started out promoting a city tour and the Tiny House section took the grand prize.

The Owners of the big mansion style houses weren’t too happy about that – but Marcus saw and opportunity and a need. He started working as a promoter for a Tiny House festival and was determined to have his own one day.

His dream has become reality now with the International People’s Tiny House Fest.People's Fest

Attendance from at least 5 countries is expected and 20 to 40,000 visitors.

The emphasis of the People’s Fest is to celebrate local resources but to have a global importance.

Food trucks and vendors are local as much as possible but the attendees are from all over and will spread the message and the knowledge they gain at the festival to their home areas.

The People’s Festival is right around the corner. But it is not too late to get your tickets.

They are available at Eventbrite

People’s Festival Info  People's Fest

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Date: August 3-5, 2018

Website: People’s Tiny House Festival

Facebook: People’s Tiny House Fest


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