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April 25, 2018

Reusable Utensils

Schlepping reusable utensils around takes too much effort!!

That is what lots of people say. Or if they don’t say it, at least they think it. I don’t even know how many straws, disposable forks and knives, spoons and paper napkins end up in the landfill every single day.

Add coffee cups and lids and we have a mountain of trash produced every day of the year.

Does it have to be that way?

We at The Sustainable Living Podcast don’t think so. In fact, our Sustainable Travel expert Pia thinks that is a problem which can be solved very easily!

Use Reusable Utensils and cups!

But, you say, I don’t want to carry a huge bag with me where ever I go. I like stylish, small bags!

We understand!

Pia is showing you that you don’t need to carry a huge bag with you to be able to bring your own reusable utensils. On the contrary. Check out the size of her bag in the video.

We all can agree that cannot be called a huge bag.

The Content of the Bag

  • a 16 oz mason jar with a lid
  • a reusable handkerchief
  • a pair of chopsticks
  • a spork – one end is a spoon, the other a fork
  • a wallet bought at a thrift store

Mason Jar with a Lid

We all know that change takes time and sometimes, all we can do is tackle one item. If that is you, chose the mason jar to become your constant companion. Here is why.

  • bring water from home in your jar – no more plastic water bottles
  • if you buy a drink to go at a convenient store, either drink the water or use it to water a plant and use your jar instead of a disposable cup
  • the same is true if a coffee shop does not offer washable cups – ask the barista to fill your mason jar instead of the plastic lined disposable option
  • at an office party or a get together in the park – you know what to do! The mason jar holds hot and cold drinks equally well.

It is a glass jar and for some people, that is a concern.It is very durable glass and it takes quite an impact for the jar to break. If that is a concern, either wrap your jar into a cloth napkin or carry it in a little bag. If it breaks, the glass will be contained in the wrap.

Men don’t usually carry purses but a backpack or messenger bag fulfills the same purpose.

Enjoy the video.

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